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  2. Faqahat

    Why is that?

    That's weird. However possible. If the problem continues with other threads do let me know again. OT: Thanks Man ,Good to hear from you, Hope you get your PC back soon #LSSW4Life
  3. Yesterday
  4. the ss is there, https://imgur.com/a/YzAcPa5
  5. Pending Good You Done Fix Your Application Upload Your Warns Photo (/mywarns)
  6. replace rockit with a rock
  7. Indra_Mantra


    Hello my nickname in the game Indra Mantra. I visited your server 3-4 days ago and I see this: The ban was in 2019 and I don't have anything to do with it I can't file an appeal. So this is it: You are Banned Login as August_Zalupkin to Make an Ban Appeal ! Please solve the problem promptly
  8. TeeJay

    Why is that?

    No I did not.. Well, it works here but when I try to answer this dude who replied on 'movies n series' it just doesn't work. I don't think it has anything to do with the Browser. Maybe it's my Phone since I don't have a PC otherwise I would play lol Btw; Hey Faqahat nice to see you doing well and the Server is still running! Much love from Germany and LSSW 4Ever, eh!
  9. Last week
  10. Skill . Mature . Active . RespectFul +1
  11. piser_WTS


  12. piser_WTS


  13. hey my name is actually [D]eadhot i had to put it like that so the application wouldn't have the lines
  14. (DeadShot)'s UC Application What is your in-game name ? : DeadShot Do you have multiple accounts ? : No What does UC stands for ? : United Crime Family When UC clan Got created ? : 28 january 2018 Who is UC's Founder ? : [UC]Griffin Who is UC's Underboss ? : [UC]Esmouk Name a few of UC's members : -[UC]Raider -[UC]AlejoPz. -CJsFatHomie[UC] Name at least 3 server admin : -CJsFatHomie[UC] -[BR]haze [GPB]Godz1lla[nL] Where are you from ? : Guyana What is your native language ? : English How old are you ? : 16 What is your gender?[Male/Female] : Male Do you have discord or whatsapp ? : Discord DeadShotPlayZ#8035 What's your daily activity ? [hour/s] : 1-2 hrs How long have you been playing SAMP ? : I started playing in 2018 Since When do you play in Los Santos Street Wars ? : I join in January of 2020 Why do you want to join the clan ? : I want to join this clan because it seems like the best clan in lssw and with all the pro players in UC dominating in the streets of los santos, i also want to make some new friends. Why should we accept you ? [50 words] : I'm active, skilled, mature and helpful towards all members and admins. I will always be a UC member and always be there when my UC family needs me , i also like the members in UC they are mature and very skilled players. Explain in your words about our 4 clan rules : -Follow the server rules -Obey higher ranks members in the clan -Don't be a racism player -Don't be Arrogant Have You been banned in the past ? [if yes for what?] : yes for auto c Post a Screenshot of your game stats (/stats) : imgur.com/cYFGAF8 Post a Screenshot of your strict warn (/mywarns) : imgur.com/a/YzAcPA5 Do you have headphones and mic and if yes, are you willing to talk with other clan members? : I do not own headphones or mic You must duel with UC members if they ask for it. Do you agree to do so ? : Yes What will you do if someone is using [UC] Tag ? [He/She isn't U.C clan members? I will report that player immediately. If U has been accepted, what will be your name ? : [UC]DeadShot Rate your self Using : Bad, Regular, Good or Excellent Deagle : Good Combat Shotgun : Excellent M4 : Regular Sniper : Good cBug : Regular English : Good --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything i have filled in has been carried out truthfully. [Yes/No] : Yes
  15. Mr.Mazn

    some Arena

    i wanna remove the Sound i cant can help me Givenchy ?
  16. next time you see a seasparrow try it smartie
  17. Faqahat

    Why is that?

    Did you try it in any other browser?
  18. TeeJay

    Why is that?

    Yo, I'm on a phone and trying to reply to some topics, but...it just doesn't work... When i try to reply or to quote, it swipes me up to the top of the page and that's it... @Faqahat Any solutions?
  19. TeeJay

    some Arena

    So you play without sounds?
  20. 10) I would agree if u suggested it for lvl 4+ admins but lvl 3+ then nah, -1 11) +1 but it should be a vip feature
  21. ez counter to that. stand close to a tree and shoot tf out of him
  22. deagle should be on 30 dmg!!!!!! this gonna fix everything
  23. set sniper and deagle dmg to 30
  24. some higher lvl admin (agham joker) demote this guy for inactivity xD
  25. 7. Yes 8. yes 9. Yes 10. Hell nah, just fix /t spam so they would get auto muted and you can /ignore pms 11. Would be fair if it was a vip feature
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