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  2. invisible people running around knife bugging I wanna see that
  3. The knife gives you an advantage, meaning you easily kill anyone
  4. Yesterday
  5. The knife has been removed from the weapons grid for a reason. I don't think it will be implemented again. I don't know I'm staying neutral here.
  6. added for everyone, who buys vip? Since people using knives will only be VIPs, cheating-like things seem impossible.
  7. Ok as much as I would like to have knife, I think I would just be knife bugging people and alot other ppls would so players would just rage quit. I don't think this is necessary at all
  8. Last week
  9. Mr.FroG

    diversion ft. DaveZ

    where i left the damn keys?? can't find them
  10. ^ If anything, most of these suggestions should be added for everyone, not just VIPs (except for the car) Also, using the knife can be VERY abusive, -1 on that one
  11. Application ACCEPTED. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 01/04.
  12. nice skills, improve your activity +1
  13. Descontrol

    diversion ft. DaveZ

    nice one davez, uruk keep trying bro
  14. HawkSniper

    Math Quiz

    this recommendation was made. -1
  15. 1 - There are commands for vips. -1 2 - does not apply to vips. -1 3 - this recommendation was made. -1 4 - / events = Enough to view the list. no racing required. -1 5 - +1 6 - this recommendation was made. -1
  16. 1. -1 2. +1 3. -1 4. -1 this is Gang wars server. 5. nah, then every1 with perm vip will just race for score, this is useless -1
  17. Hello Guys -1- Add Body object with /o [VIP] -2- if someone be 1 min afk in arena he need to be kicked from arena by the system -3- time and weather [VIP] -4- add race EVENT -5- if u kill someone u will get 3 score and 3 credits [Permanent VIP] -6- Add atm Thanks for reading my suggestion
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