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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thank you so much man! I will not dissapoint you!
  3. Updated Stats - https://i.imgur.com/KPihWfg.png New Name - bloodlust.exe
  4. Thanks very much mate! I will not dissapoint you!
  5. you are a great guy, active and having great skills, worth a shot. +1
  6. Last week
  7. When I die, burry me upside down so world can KISS MY ASS!

    1. perkys


      this is cringe


    2. cKm42O


      I like beeing cringe 😂

  8. Uhm i got no way to duel you so i'll stay neutral on this one.
  9. Ur not ready yet, you don't even know how to make a proper application. Nothing personal tho, dude. -1
  10. -1 Spamming and flooding the chat saying"I do low fps "i dont like such people.My vote wont be changed if you dont fix this.Plus,you are always teaming with brs and fighting against gpbs,which means no chance for you to be part of us. Further,you want just to hold an official tag on your name,its clear.Also,you lately misbehaved towards a newbie for saying you"noob",so you cant control your behavior as i see. Finally,you must wait for 2 weeks to apply for another official clan,you violated the rule,in another words,you didnt give even an attention to the rules nor requirements.
  11. why is everyone applying with BR Format...
  12. -1 [GPB] 'Glen Park Bloods' Applications Format [Read Before Posting] - Applications - Los Santos Street Wars (ls-sw.net)
  13. Paragraph 1: Hello to everyone I am Michael and i have 15 Years old i Born in italy and i live in UK My name in game is MindShot[aL] and my discord is MindShot#5¥36 My mum is British and my dad Italian I dont speak alot of English i just Translate it the Good part So if i dont write alot understood me pls because it's hard for me Paragraph 2: [CBUG] 8/10 [Deagle] 8/10 [Shotgun] 9/10 [Sniper] 8/10 [M4] 9/10 Paragraph 3: I got 1 warn For Insult player but Honestly i didnt get Warn for hack or something Because I play for fun Paragraph 4: I want join GPB Because this family seems Mature with good Player and a nice Activity Honestly if ill get accepted for me is an Honor :Paragraph 5: My stats are not the best The stats are not the best Because When i joined this server Honestly i sucked But Playing for hours i am Good player not the best but good And Thx for Reading this For me is an honor join you guys I didnt write alot because for me its hard write i literally said the why at Paragraph: 1 Go Read for the reason thx Bye Mindshot[aL]
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7XRq2LDqRc&t=2s&ab_channel=guissnowebackSAMP
  15. +1 very nice guy, good skills, insanely active, funny at times, gl ahead
  16. welcome, /rules and have fun!
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