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    Whatever you lose, you'll find it again. But what you throw away you'll never get back.
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    LSSW frag number 78468368

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHWA4Dtu2P0 im very good at titles
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    Accepted I decided to give you a chance, don't mess it up. Welcome to the staff personnel you have been accepted as a Level 1 Trial Moderator.
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    LSSW Fragmovie

    https://youtu.be/Eb8XpS4pmwE Enjoy guys
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    Accepted Welcome back to the staff team. Due to your experience in our staff team you'll start as Level 2 Moderator.
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    Goodbye everyone

    Ty so much..
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    [ACCEPTED] labus GPB Application

    I will keep this application locked until I decide.
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    BR application -Potcher.

    Application ACCEPTED. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 01/04.
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    BR application -Potcher.

    Subject / Title: IG name: Potcher. Paragraph 1: My name is ahmed, i live in Egypt, im 16 years old my primary language is Arabic and i can speak English. joined SAMP since 2017, i started to play here since 2019. i was ex UC member and after the clan was closed i went inactive, now i play like 2 hours per day at night. i started cbugging since 2018 in another community. My discord: Potcher.#5973 Paragraph 2: I usually like to use deagle,sniper and sometime shotgun Deagle: 8/10 Sniper: 7/10 Shotgun: 7/10 Cbug: 8/10 My favorite Activity is dueling and cbugging at streets Paragraph 3: I think i got banned for surfly before clicked the wrong buttons ,Im Friendly with everyone, im mature and got good relationship with BRs and i have already dueled uruk, FroG, descontrol and Godz1lla here is a screenshot of my stats, im sorry about my ratio its been like that since i was newbie and since im back it will be improved ASAP https://imgur.com/NVQ4xUu Paragraph 4: I see that this clan is so suitable for me, they are mature and skilled and so powerful, i have many friends in BR and i hope to get a chance to join this clan Attachments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HOQl_Dc8NA&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79hromDhXzs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2fXcEp6Q9A
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    Invincible LSSW

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    [ACCEPTED] labus GPB Application

    Accepted . Your trial ends at 16/03/2021 . Welcome to our family.
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    fuck off
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    What is your In-game Name?: WillySabor What does GPB stand for?: Glen Park Bloods Who is the GPB Leader?: [GPB]Barney. Who is the GPB Co-Leader?: Name one of the GPB Founders: [GPB]Marwan_Makaveli. Name at least 1 GPB Captain: [GPB]DeadPooL. Name at least 5 GPB members you are familiar with (excluding Leader, Co-Leader & Captains): [GPB]morningwlie [GPB]Ryder_NIgga. [GPB]Strapz How old are you?: 17 Are you a male or a female?: male. Where are you from?: Chile. What should you do if a GPB Captain called in a regroup?: i'll go as fast as possible. What happens when a GPB Member gets 3 Write-ups?: they will be kicked from the GPB clan. Tell us some GPB rules: do not use any hacks, do not insult a member, if i am inactive for a month they kick me. What's your Discord? [No Discord no Accept]: Laito#6666 What would you do if you saw someone using the [GPB] tag while no administrators online? [This person is not a member of GPB]: i take a screenshot and i'll send a administrator when he's online. What's your daily activity on the server[Per Day]?: 1 or 2 hours, if a friend or a member of GPB is online i can be active much longer. Do you use C-bug? [Yes/No]: Yes, but when i try to do it fast, the bullets do not come out, but i can make 2 or 3 quick shots, i have to practice. Tell us why you want to join us [50 Words]: Sometimes i enter the server and it is boring to be the only one on the same team playing, even so when morningwlie and some members of GPB connected i had fun and we had a great time. That's why i want to apply to be with great people and help them when they need it, to be able to enjoy the server as the team that we are. Tell us why should we accept you [50 Words]: I have a lot activity on the server and i can be at the disposal of the team when they need it, in case they want to do a turf / clanwars or whatever they want, if they do not accept me i will respect their decision since they are not in the obligation to add me, finally, i am looking for a friendly and chill space where we can cooperate with each other to improve as a clan. How long have you been playing on our server for?: about 4 or 5 months You must duel [GPB]perkys or [GPB]Zelox to be accepted. Do you you agree? [Yes/No]: yess You must Vote on GPB Applications on forums or else you'll be warned. Do you agree? [Yes/No]: yes Please show us a screenshot of your stats on the server [/stats]: https://imgur.com/a/FKYqX05 Please show us a screenshot of your account warnings [/mywarns]: i have this warns i dont know why, but today 07/02 i donated the 4 pounds(edit: i no longer have them:)) https://imgur.com/a/xLubcYU If you are accepted, you'll be on a 1 month trial propation. Notice that the Leaders can kick you if you do not follow the Clan Rules. Do you Agree? [Yes/No]: yes Rate Yourself on a scale from 0 to 10: Desert Eagle: 7/10 Shotgun: 6/10 Sniper: 7/10 M4: 8/10 C-Bug: 6/10 Rate your english on a scale from 0 to 10. Speaking: 5/10 Reading: 7/10 Writing: 7/10Which weapons are you really good at? (except the weapon mentioned in previous question): Ak, Uzi, Combat Shotgun.What would you like your name to be if you got accepted into our clan?[With GPB tag]: [GPB]WillySabor Anything Else You want to share with us?: Thank you very much for reading me, blessings.
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    Hi Ivan, I met you a few months ago and i have noticed that you are a calm and friendly guy (despite what ppl may say about your past) we have a good friendship. but it has bothered me that people outside the staff have had to give explanations about what happened on another server. That in particular, for me, has completely ruined your application. don't take it personal. You know that I esteem you a lot bro and i respect you. just keep trying. -1
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    You guys are not allowed to post here. Only the requester and admins.. @[DG]RANGER and @priceups
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    You were part of the admin team in LSGF. I think we both know what happened when you left that server. Explain me why you did that and why we should trust you not doing the same on LSSW with your rights.
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    [GPB] 'Glen Park Bloods' Discord Server

    Here you can find our Discord Server. Jump in and have fun with us ! https://discord.gg/jSMCMMkmWC
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    If you are applying for the Glen Park Bloods (GPB) clan, you must meet these minimum requirements before applying for the clan. β€’ Be sure to read, understand, and agree to the clan's applying rules as well. 1. You must have a minimum of 2500 kills in-game 2. You must have a minimum of 120 hours (at least 5 days of total playtime) spent in the server. 3. You need at least 1 positive vote from a CAPTAIN+ for your application to be accepted. 4. You must have a clean history in the server (no kind of valid/fair bans, strict warnings, punishments, strict actions taken against you, etc.). 5. You must be mature enough. 6. You must have verified your User Control Panel (UCP) account/Email Address. In other words, you must have a valid verified Email Address associated with your in-game account. 7. You must have at least 1 or 2 hours of daily activity in the server. 8. You must be familiar enough with/known by most of the GPB members. 9. You must agree to all of the server, Forums, and the clan rules. 10. You must have a Discord account and if you don't , you must create one. Last Updated: 16th October 2020
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    Admin Rules.

    These rules are automatically applied to all the new and current admins. If you are caught breaking a server rule your rank will be removed and appropriate action will be taken. You will not use any admin feature to your advantage or abuse any feature, command, power, or use them to facilitate your friends. ( e.g. using /get to play with them ). You will always help players with their issues, queries. If you have any problem dealing with the problem/report or you don't have enough authority, access to deal with that situation you must forward it to a higher level admin or ask for help. Your actions must always be unbiased. You will review all server rules and learn the punishments for each type of rule. If you are inactive for a long time your level will be removed. If you are unsure or uncertain always discuss it with other admins before making a decision. You will be active in the game, forum, U.C.P., and discord server. However, if you cant be active you must inform the director or owners / co-owner about it before head with the estimated time. You are obliged to respond to the ban appeals of players who were banned by you within the 24 - 48 hours of the appeal. if you are unable to you must inform the bans manager. You will never ask for the promotion yourself or ask when you will be promoted. If you have enough responsibilities in a team you might not be promoted from that position since the higher the rank the more responsibilities. If we notice that you are not able to handle the responsibilities that come with your level or are assigned to you you might be demoted to a lower level. You may also request to be demoted or have responsibilities stripped away if you think you have too much on your plate. You will not ignore any reports and won't complain about dealing with reports. since its what you are signing up for. You will always respect your fellow admins. Toxic attitude is not tolerated and can result in demotion. You understand that each level has certain authority in actions and decision making which is always higher than admins of a lower level. Higher-level with specific jobs may overrule decisions or actions taken by lower-level admins. You will respect ranks, their authority, and decisions. Higher-level admins are not answerable for their actions to lower-level admins even if you disagree or are not happy with the decision or action you must respect their decisions but you can report unfair actions to the director of admins or owner. You can be removed from the admin team or demoted to a lower level for any reason with or without any explanation. You will work together with other admins and try to get along with others despite your issues with them. You will always respect and act on the orders of higher-level admins. Level 1 , 2 Admins have to request bans from higher-level admins only if they have valid proofs. You should have a proof for every ban, ban request before banning the player and must have the proof for 5-8 days for unless told otherwise if the player makes an appeal in this period you are required to keep these proofs until the appeal is closed. You must respect all players including cheaters and take necessary actions against rule-breaking players. Conspiring against the community, admins, servers will result in immediate termination or ban. Facilitating a hacker, banned members in the community is not allowed unless told to do so. All the information about admin activity, hackers, or any other information shared within admin discussions is confidential. In case of issues within the admin team quarrel, conflicts in decision both parties have to listen to the higher-level admin's decision any kind of quarrels, fights will not be tolerated and both or either party will be suspended or terminated from the duty. If you have a report against a fellow admin you must report it to the director of admins or owners. These rules might change or more can be added at any point.
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    diversion ft. DaveZ

    Check me and our latest member out! https://youtu.be/zcvXIm7OfmA
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    Ranger's suggestion.

    1. -1 2. +1 3. -1 4. -1 this is Gang wars server. 5. nah, then every1 with perm vip will just race for score, this is useless -1
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    Daily Quests Suggestion

    After read all suggestions posts today, this seems to me the most interesting. +1
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    Daily Quests Suggestion

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    Subject / Title: ig name: russiaskinhit Paragraph 1: ig name:russaskinhit age:17 years old discord: Davez#8662 My SAMP experience is mainly from glow dm, I've played there for 2 years and I still play sometimes, that's where I learned most of the things I know today Languages I can speak: armenian, english, russian Paragraph 2: I think I'm decent in most weapons but I mainly use deagle, I can adapt to any weapon, but I can't really describe in numbers Paragraph 3: No bans, no warns on any of my accounts Relations: I'm close friends with Uruk, I will meet the others and hang out with them in the upcoming days Duels with BR members: No duels with BR members, we can duel whenever you see me online Paragraph 4: I wanted to apply myself so I asked Uruk and he thought I was a great potential fit. I think it's a prominent clan and truly the superior one on the server. The members are chill from what I've seen and have great skill, which I think it fits me and my attitude, and the thing I'm looking for. I like turf wars and fighting in the style they tend to use. Attachments: gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9s_BWQ8V3E 0:30 stats: https://imgur.com/a/E1Q5H9W
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    Application accepted. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 20/03.
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    Aw shiet here we go again 𝔸𝕓𝕠𝕦π•₯ π•žπ•–: My ingame name is [BR]eclipsE, and I'm player here since beginning of 2018. I had some argues but it's far behind me. I'm 17 almost 18 years old and I come from Croatia. My name is Ivan, and I live in Osijek. I'm going in school to become an waiter. Right now my biggest desire is to travel to Canada I've tried applying twice, first time i got denied because I wasnt able to record, 2nd time i rejected my application because my sister was sick, but now everything is totaly fine. 𝕄π•ͺ π•’π••π•žπ•šπ•Ÿ π•–π•©π•‘π•šπ•£π•šπ•–π•Ÿπ•”π•– π•’π•Ÿπ•• 𝕠π•₯𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕀π•₯𝕦𝕗𝕗: I have huge expirience as beeing admin, since I've been admin on uL dayZ server, and alot more TDM/Gang Wars servers. All the hacks are easily spotted and can be reported . Most of the time I'm reporting on discord/samp server, but when admins aren't online, i just record and post it on ucp since that's the only way to get a cheater banned English knowledge: I know english almost perfect. But I still can't say that it's perfect, I know how to speak and write. 𝔸𝕝𝕝 π•žπ•ͺ 𝕒𝕝π•₯π•–π•£π•Ÿπ•’π•₯π•šπ•§π•– π•’π•”π•”π• π•¦π•Ÿπ•₯𝕀: oneinamilion,deagleE,[LF]Ivan420, jhin1.0 NOTE: Those accounts are mostly for catching hackers π•€π•Ÿπ•—π•  & π•Žπ•™π•ͺ 𝕀 π•¨π•’π•Ÿπ•₯ π•₯𝕠 π•“π•–π•”π• π•žπ•– π•’π•Ÿ π•’π••π•žπ•šπ•Ÿ: 𝕄π•ͺ π••π•šπ•€π•”π• π•£π••: Eclipse#6366 Some of my offline reports : https://imgur.com/a/xsGVGQ9 My Stats and warns: https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=[BR]Eclipse Why do i want to become an admin on LS-SW?: Well there is alot what we could discuss about. I would mostly like to become an admin on LS-SW to help other staff members, and to get server clean as I can be active alot. There are 2 days in week when i'm quiet inactive because I'm in school. But I can reach around 2 hours of playtime. π•Žπ•™π•ͺ 𝕕𝕠 𝕀 π•₯π•™π•šπ•Ÿπ•œ π•₯𝕙𝕒π•₯ π•ͺ𝕠𝕦 𝕀𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕒𝕔𝕔𝕖𝕑π•₯ π•žπ•–: Well most of the time I'm active, my timezone is GTM +2 which means whenever I play at morning I can't breathe because of haxors that are online,I have alot of expirience with hackers, bad behaviour players and much more. 𝕆π•₯𝕙𝕖𝕣: I actually do have alot of friends in admin team, one of them are cherc,uwuk,ryder,alex,silent,gayeon,gayzilla, and alot more. I think I didn't write as much as I wanted, but I don't want an application to became an book xD I don't have any strict warnings, and I was never banned for any kind of hacks. I hope I get accepted, It's all on you guys. Hope you have a nice day!
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    Hello. Its me. [DG]Xardiyya i want to apply for Admin. Bye. ._. Known Admins Members Nobs: Clown,Perkyz,Muli, Odisea(maybe, sometimes.)
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    LSSW frag number 78468368

    keep it up urukinoftw
  29. 1 point

    LSSW frag number 78468368

    Awesome, keep it up! Can't wait for more frags.
  30. 1 point

    Still got it

    Its so difficult record with 20 fps, try to use dxtory or obs, good montage
  31. 1 point
    Ryder Nigga

    Still got it

    Kicking ass and flexing on 20 fps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhey1k-dP58&feature=youtu.be
  32. 1 point

    Still got it

    :v pro
  33. 1 point

    [DENIED] WillySabor's GPB Application.

    -1 Improve cbug/litefoot and apply again
  34. 1 point

    Goodbye everyone

    just have fun when u want, everything can be good. dont broke up everything because mistakes, good luck.
  35. 1 point
    Hey there just notice , eclipse didn't delete these channels he just left cause of me and the co owner was making tention with us , the owner himself deleted our channels that made by us cause both owner and the co owner didn't like the new style. And we left thats it
  36. 1 point


    Just to let you know guys about him,he is actively reporting players in UCP especially in our timezone(as he is from my country).I utterly believe that he will perform well with us once he gets given the chance to be part of admin team.
  37. 1 point
  38. 1 point
    -1 dont think you fit admin
  39. 1 point


    You could've good chances but its lacking of activity and interests - Not active - No reports -1
  40. 1 point
    Deserve a chance +1
  41. 1 point

    BR apply - fredisalcapone

    pm me ig for duels , pending
  42. 1 point

    Time Suggestion

    yea why not
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    [English] We have implemented a bot to make support tickets on our Discord Server in order to help users with common questions and issues related to the server, similar to the support section on forums, but we think it might be easier for users and admins to deal with these type of cases via Discord, as it's more intuitive. [Steps] 1. Head over the left side of the screen and click on the Sub Section named "#make-a-ticket-eng" https://prnt.sc/sbink5 2. Click on the envelope icon below the main message (it will create a private text channel) https://prnt.sc/sbiqd6 3. Wait for an admin to accept your ticket. We haven't established any rule for the tickets section yet, but we might add some in the future. [EspaΓ±ol] Hemos implementado un bot para crear tickets de soporte en Discord para ayudar usuarios con preguntas o problemas comunes relacionados con el servidor, tal como en la secciΓ³n de soporte en el foro, pero pensamos que puede ser mΓ‘s fΓ‘cil para los usuarios y admins manejar este tipo de casos a travΓ©s de Discord, ya que es mΓ‘s intuitivo. [Pasos] 1. Dirigirse hacia el lado izquierdo de la pantalla y clickear en la Sub SecciΓ³n llamada "#crear-un-ticket-esp" https://prnt.sc/sbj4to 2. Clickear en el icono del sobre debajo del mensaje principal (esto va a crear un canal de texto privado) https://prnt.sc/sbj5cw 3. Esperar a que un administrador acepte tu ticket. No hemos establecido ninguna regla para la secciΓ³n de tickets por el momento, pero podemos agregar algunas en el futuro.
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    Server Rules [MUST READ]

    These are the official rules of the server. By playing in our server, you automatically agree to these rules. Important Notes β€’ You must consult with an admin about any rule which is either, not clear to you or you don't understand. β€’ All the rules are strict, applied to all the players (whether it be an admin, clan member, VIP, or a normal player) and are must to follow. β€’ Violation of any rule will result in a punishment depending on the rule/case. Read more about the punishment reasons below. Rules 1. Illegal mods/Cheats/Hacks You are NOT ALLOWED to use any kind of (illegal) 3rd party mod, cheat, cleo, script, and any other similar modification which gives you an advantage over other players. For example, Skin Changer, No Tree Mod, Sprint Bind, Auto C-Bug, Faster C-Bug, Fast Walk, Infinite Run, etc. Generally, we DO NOT allow any 3rd party modifications to the game/in the server. Therefore, you must know exactly what you are doing before using any mod to make sure that the mod complies with this rule. If you are unsure about a mod, consult with an admin about it first before using it. 2. Ban evasion You are NOT ALLOWED to evade your ban (creating another account to join/play in the server while your original/old account is still banned). We highly recommend making a ban appeal instead. [Instructions on how to make a ban appeal can be found here in this thread.] Furthermore, if you have an active ban appeal and you still evade your ban, it will also be a violation of this rule. Read more about the ban appeals (general information, rules, and FAQs) on this thread. 3. Impersonation You are NOT ALLOWED to impersonate (any admin or player). 4. Aiding or supporting a cheater/hacker/ban evader You are NOT ALLOWED to aid, harbour or support any hacker/cheater/rule-breaker/ban evader under any circumstance. The only exception here is that when you are trying to catch and report the hacker/ban evader (by taking proofs against him). [Instructions on how to report a cheater offline/via UCP can be found here in this thread.] Even if you are not aiding or harbouring a hacker/ban evader, we DO NOT allow any (clean/legit) player to be staying together/teaming up with the hacker/ban evader under any circumstance. 5. VPN/Proxy IP You are NOT ALLOWED to join or play in the server with any kind of VPN or Proxy IP. 6. Abuse of server or game bug, script, feature, or command You are NOT ALLOWED to abuse any kind of (system/server/game) bug, script, feature, or even any command. Examples are G-Abuse and (driver) Drive-By abuse. If you have come across any bug in the game or server, we highly recommend reporting it rather than abusing it. [Instructions on how to report a bug can be found here in this thread.] 7. Spamming/Flooding the chat You are NOT ALLOWED to spam, flood or repeat a same message multiple times in any chat (for example, team chat, main chat, PM, VIP chat, etc.). 8. Vehicle/Helicopter ramming You are NOT ALLOWED to use any type of vehicle or helicopter for the purpose of ramming, parking, killing, attacking, or damaging other players/opponents with it. 9. Discussion regarding to religion, culture, or politics You are NOT ALLOWED to discuss anything related to religion, culture, or politics. 10. Behaviour/Attitude You are NOT ALLOWED to insult, disrespect, flame, provoke, be rude, or use vulgarity towards other players or admins under any circumstance. 11. Advertising of other server You are NOT ALLOWED to advertise, or post the link/IP Address of any other server (or its website). 12. Disturbing admins on duty You are NOT ALLOWED to kill, attack, disturb, or stalk any admin who is on duty. 13. Spawn killing You are NOT ALLOWED to spawn-kill the players (that is, constantly/keep killing a player as soon as they left outside from their HQ). 14. Team attacking You are NOT ALLOWED to attack your teammate(s) in any way (for example, ramming or attacking at your teammate's vehicle). 15. Death evasion You are NOT ALLOWED to evade your death during a combat via any unfair means (that is, by quitting the game, suiciding, etc.). 16. Using official clan tags You are NOT ALLOWED to use any official clan tag if you are not an official member of that clan. 17. AFK during a combat/turf capture You are NOT ALLOWED to go AFK/pause the game during a combat or turf attack/capture. 18. Capturing a turf with aerial support You are NOT ALLOWED to capture any turf with the help of any aerial support (that is, using a helicopter or airplane to capture the turf while in air). 19. Spamming/Flooding the reports You are NOT ALLOWED to flood/spam the same report multiple times (that is, reporting the same player multiple times). 20. Backseat moderation You are NOT ALLOWED to backseat moderate (that is, players who are not admins try to enforce the rules and/or interpret them). 21. Offensive and unrelated content You are NOT ALLOWED to post any offensive content or any content that is not related with the server or game (that is, any pornographic content, any content that may be offensive to the people based on their sex, age, race, religion, culture, etc.). 22. Invalid/Numeric nicks You are NOT ALLOWED to join/play in the server with an invalid nick or any nick that contains excessive numeric characters. For example, jhjkhkjh, Core98215152, Asd295151, etc. 23. FPS Unlocker / FPS Limit You are NOT ALLOWED to play in the server with more than 110 FPS .SA-MP Locks the FPS to 100. Which can be unlocked using mods. Punishment Reasons Violation of rule 1 First time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 2 First time punishment = Permanent ban + Permanent block/blacklist from the server Violation of rule 3 First time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 4 First time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 5 First time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 6 As for rule 7, there are several cases. Violation of rule 6 (bug, script, or feature abuse) First time punishment = Normal/In-game warning or Spawn (as per need) Second time punishment = Kick or Jail (for 2 minutes) (as per need) Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 6 (command abuse/spam) First time punishment = Kick Second time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 6 (for common/known bugs like G-Abuse and Driver Drive-by Abuse) First time punishment = Kick or Jail (for 2 minutes) (as per need) Second time punishment = Account/Strict Warning Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 7 First time punishment = Mute or Normal/In-game warning (as per need) Second time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 8 First time punishment = Jail (for 2 minutes) Second time punishment = Jail (for 5 minutes) Violation of rule 9 First time punishment = Mute or Normal/In-game warning (as per need) Second time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 10 First time punishment = Mute or Normal/In-game warning (as per need) Second time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 11 First time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 12 First time punishment = Normal/In-game warning Second time punishment = Jail (for 2 minutes) Violation of rule 13 First time punishment = Spawn Second time punishment = Jail (for 2 minutes) Violation of rule 14 First time punishment = Normal/In-game warning Second time punishment = Jail (for 2 minutes) Violation of rule 15 First time punishment = Jail (for 2 minutes) Second time punishment = Account/Strict Warning Violation of rule 16 First time punishment = Kick Second time punishment = Kick Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 17 First time punishment = Spawn or Kick (as per need) Second time punishment = Jail (for 2 minutes) Violation of rule 18 First time punishment = Kick Second time punishment = Account/Strict Warning + Jail (for 2 minutes) Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 19 First time punishment = Normal/In-game warning Second time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 20 First time punishment = Normal/In-game warning Second time punishment = Account/Strict Warning Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 21 First time punishment = Mute or Normal/In-game warning (as per need) Second time punishment = Account/Strict Warning Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 22 First time punishment = Kick Second time punishment = Kick Third time punishment = Ban Violation of rule 23 First time punishment = Kick / Warn Second time punishment = Kick / Warn Third time punishment = Ban Other Punishments If a player has 500 ms or higher ping First time punishment = Kick Second time punishment = Kick Third time punishment = Temporary ban Approved by the Server Manager, Joker. Last Updated: 6th May, 2019
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    Server Wiki [Features | Guide]

    This thread states and explains all the server features on what they do and how you can use them. If you come across anything which is not clear to you or you don't understand, feel free to ask any of the staff members regarding it. General Features Server Shop The Server Shop is one of the key features of the server. From here, you can buy different types of items; some are temporary and some are permanent (means, once bought, they remain forever in your account). These are the currently available items in it: β€’ Toys Shop [Temporary] β€’ Weapons Shop [Temporary] β€’ Health and Armor [Temporary] β€’ VIP Shop [For VIPs only] β€’ Drugs Shop β€’ BoomBox Radio [Permanent] β€’ RC Toys [Temporary] β€’ Special Toys [Permanent] You can use the /shop command or press the Y hotkey to access the Server Shop. Temporary Toys With Toys, you can buy and add special objects on your player (skin). There are various types of toys available to choose from with their own specific cost (as shown in the screenshot below). These are temporary toys, which means that they are removed on your next spawn. Weapons Shop You can buy different types of weapons from the Server Shop as well as you can buy the same weapon again in order to refill its ammunition. All the weapons have their own different cost (as shown in the screenshot below). For VIPs, there are several special weapons available for them to choose and buy which normal players can't. All the weapons you buy are temporary, which means that they are removed on your next spawn. Health/Armour If you are low on health or armour, you may buy additional health/armour from this menu, however, for 1-time only (per life). For VIPs, they receive a special discount on them. VIP Menu/Shop VIPs can access to their very own special menu from where they can buy different types of items (as shown in the screenshot below). Some of these items are available for free of cost, while others have their own specific cost. VIPs can use the /vmenu or /mshop command to open the VIP Menu at anytime in the game. Drugs The Drugs serve as a Health refill. With each drug you use, you gain upto 40 Health. You can buy another drug after every 2 minutes. After you use a drug, you enter in a "drunk" state effect, however, you can press the FIRE key to skip it. To use and see how many drugs you currently have, use the /usedrugs command (as shown in the screenshot below). You can buy Drugs from the Server Shop (/shop). BoomBox Radio The BoomBox Radio serves as a portable player radio. You can put an MP3 format sound link on it and it will play the sound for all the players who are near the BoomBox. To place the BoomBox, use the /placeboombox command. To put an MP3 sound on the BoomBox, use the /boombox command when you are near it. To pick up the BoomBox, use the /pickboombox command when you are near it. Note that only MP3 format is supported in the BoomBox Radio. You can buy and gain permanent access to the BoomBox Radio with 5000 Credits. RC Toys (Minifun) You can get the RC Toys; the RC Tiger and the RC Beefy Baron in 2 ways. First is buying the access via /shop but it will be one time usage only (which means if u use it then u will have to re-buy the access). Second is reaching 15 kills in a row (killing spree). You can use one of these RC Toys by using the /minifun command. You can use the /exitrc command or press Enter to leave the RC Toy you are in. You can buy the access to the RC Toys for 500 Credits. Special (Permanent) Toys Special Toys have extended varieties of toys and you can also adjust them in different ways (as shown in the screenshot below). They are permanent, which means that once you have unlocked them, you don't need to buy them again for each spawn, rather toggle them on or off with their respective commands/hotkeys whenever you want. You can access and use all the special toys with the /toys command. Once you have set a toy, you can use the /ltoys command or press the N hotkey to load all your customized/set toys. In the same way, you can use the /ntoys or press the H hotkey to turn off/hide all of your toys. For VIPs, they receive a special toys section where they can put any custom object/toy ID and customize it as they want (as shown in the screenshot below). You can buy and gain permanent access to the Special Toys with 2000 Credits. Credits System Instead of Money, the server uses the Credits system. The Credits are one of the key features of the server. With them, you can buy different items from the Server Shop as well as spend them in other ways. The Credits are located on the upper right corner of the screen, near the Health/Armour bar (as shown in the screenshot below). There are many ways to earn the Credits. You can find the full information regarding the Credits system on this page. You can use the /mycredits command to see how many credits you currently have. You can use the /credits [player ID] command to see how many credits a specific player has. Note that you cannot donate or give your Credits to someone else. Turf War system The Turfs are one of the key features of the server. There are total 38 turfs (which can be attacked/captured) available in the server. The Turfs are highlighted on the minimap with their respective owners/controllers (teams/gangs) (as shown in the screenshot below). To capture a turf, use the /attack or /capture command. Note that you need at least 3 other gang members along with you in the turf zone in order to start capturing a turf. While the turf is being captured, the capturing team must stay and survive (4 gang members at least) in the turf zone/boundaries for 5 minutes in order to take control of it. Once captured, the players who helped in capturing the turf will receive +5 credits each. You can also place the Road Blocks while capturing a turf with the /roadblock command. To see all the turfs and their owners/controllers, use the /turfs commands (as shown in the screenshot below). You can activate the GPS with the /gps [Turf ID] command which will guide you to the location of that turf (as shown in the screenshot below). You can disable the GPS by using the /gpsoff command. You can also use the /turf [Turf ID] command to get the stats about a particular turf (owner, players in that turf, etc.) (as shown in the screenshot below). To enable/disable notifications regarding Turf captures, use the /turfnotifications command. Reports System If you have found a rule breaker or hacker, use the /report command to report the player to the online admins in-game. You can make another report after every 1 minute. However, if no admins are online and you have found a rule breaker/hacker, you may also report the player offline/via the User Control Panel (UCP). Instructions on how to make a UCP report can be found here in this thread. Spawn Protection System By default, in the events as well, all the players receive a Spawn Protection when they are spawned for 10 seconds. Once it is over, they can receive damage as usual. Vehicles All the teams have limited number of default vehicles parked in their HQs. Once a vehicle is used, it will automatically respawn after several seconds if there is no passenger/driver in it. There are also many random vehicles parked on different spots in the city which can be used by any player. Note that the vehicles of the Official Gangs cannot be used by the regular team members. Headquarters (HQs) The Headquarters are the main spawn zones of the players. Every team has an HQ. The HQs are marked with a red border on the map (with their respective team color) (as shown in the screenshot below). None of the HQs can be captured. Armoured Vehicles The Armoured Vehicle is another key feature of the server. They can only be driven by those players who have at least, a minimum of, 1500 score. The players cannot use other team's Armoured Vehicle, however. Armoured vehicles have 8000 health/HP by default. Repairing it while the HP is above 1000 will not restore its full health (that is, 8000), however, when the HP falls below 1000, doing a repair at the Pay 'n' Spray shop will restore its original (8000) health. Pay 'n' Spray The server supports the repairing/fixing of the vehicles at the Pay 'n' Spray shops. There are several Pay 'n' Spray shops located in the city. Weapons All the players are equipped with some default weapons and limited ammunitions. VIPs have special default weapons. The default weapons with their ammunitions provided to the regular players and the VIPs are mentioned as follow: Normal players Bat (1) Desert Eagle (100) Shotgun (45) MP5 (150) M4A1 (350) VIPs Bat (1) Desert Eagle (200) Combat Shotgun (180) MP5 (300) M4A1 (650) Sniper (60) Duels System Players can send and receive duel requests from anyone (unless the player has disabled duel requests). You can use the /duel command to send someone a duel request (as shown in the screenshot below). You can use the /duelon command to enable duel requests invitations. You can use the /dueloff command to disable duel requests invitations. To accept an incoming duel request, use the /yes command. To deny an incoming duel request, use the /no command. Official Clans/Gangs The server has some Official Gangs (teams) which can only be used by their respective official clan members. All the Official Gangs have their own Headquarters with their own special vehicles available that can be used by the respective clan members only. The members of the Official Clans also receive full Armour (100%) upon each spawn as well as their own special skins. Currently, there are total 3 Official Gangs in the server; Glen Park Bloods (GPB), Black Revenge Family (BR), and A Todo Ritmo (ATR). You can use the /applygpb command to see the requirements of the Glen Park Bloods clan. You can use the /applybr command to see the requirements of the Black Revenge Family clan. Skydive The server has a Skydive platform from where you can jump off from the high altitude. No weapons are allowed here, therefore, all the weapons of the player are stripped here. You can use the /skydive command to go there. Bat Since the latest update, you can remove & add back the Bat. Type /bat to remove it and if you want to have Bat back then type /bat again. Events System Arena The Arena is a common event of the server where all the players fight versus each other (players can kill each other; free for all). Arena is one of the best events where you can quickly earn Credits as well as make scores. In Arena, you can use the Server Shop as you would use outside it. You can join the Arena event with the /arena command. To leave this event, use the/qevent command. Forest The Forest is similar to the Arena in terms of the gameplay and fight style, however, taken place at another spot in the world. In Forest, you can use the Server Shop as you would use outside it. You can join the Forest event with the /forest command. To leave this event, use the /qevent command. Sniper In Sniper event, you can only use the Sniper to kill each other. Similar to the Arena event, it is free for fall as well (means, the players can kill each other). In this event, players cannot use the Server Shop. You can join the Sniper event with the /sniper command. To leave this event, use the /qevent command. Cop Chase The Cop Chase event is a different type of event than the others. In this event, a random player is chosen as the Criminal/Suspect where he must outrun the Cops by keep surviving for 10 minutes, or by killing all the Cops in order to win the event. Similarly, the Cops must chase down and kill the Suspect within 10 minutes in order to win in this event. As a Cop, you can use the Y hotkey to toggle the Assistance mode on or off. With the Assistance mode on, other Cops as well as the Suspect can see your location on the minimap. You can use the " ! " in the chat to communicate with other Cops via the Cops Radio. The Cops are restricted from using the Server Shop in this event, however, the Suspect can use it. If the Cops win the event, they receive +5 credits each. See the screenshot below for more info about this event. You can join the Cop Chase event with the /copchase command. There is no standard way of leaving this event, therefore, you must either, quit the game or suicide in order to leave this event. War In this event, the players are able to use the military vehicles such as the Rhino Tank, the Hydra or the Hunter in order to kill each other. Unlike the other events, players of the same team (for example, Ballas or Vagos) can't kill each other in this event. In this event, you can use the Server Shop as you would use outside it. You can join the War event with the /war command. To leave this event, use the /swar command. Special Events Apart from the default events, there are also some special events which are manually arranged by higher ranked admins only. They can be started anytime by the admin, plus special prizes are also given to the winner(s). When there is any open special event going on, you can join it by using the /join command. To see all the events with their current status and amount of players playing in it, use the /events command. Other Features User Control Panel (UCP) The User Control Panel (UCP for short) is where you can check your in-game account and other information regarding it/the server. From here, you can see the Live Server Stats, general information regarding server (players, number of VIPs or admins, total bans, etc.), make ban appeal if you are banned, make offline reports against rule breakers, etc. You can find a list of the common issues and FAQs regarding the UCP here in this thread. Spree System The server supports the Spree system. When you do a certain number of kills in a single life, you gain kill streaks (5, 15, 50, etc.). When you reach a certain kill streak or spree, you receive some special rewards. For example, when reaching the 50 kill streak, you receive 200 Credits as a reward (as shown in the screenshots below). Away From Keyboard (AFK) System If you need to go to the AFK mode while in-game, use the /afk or /brb command. To come back from the AFK mode, use the /back command. While you are in the AFK mode, other players cannot see or attack you and vice versa. Note that you cannot go to the AFK mode while you are being attacked (taking damage). You are able to go to the AFK mode after 35 seconds of getting shot (taking damage). Server Commands There are currently many server commands available for the players to use, all of them can be seen by using the /cmds or /commands command. Join/Leave Messages To toggle the player join/leave messages on or off in the main chat, use the /disablejl command. Player Stats You can check your own or a specific player's stats using the /stats or /stats [Player ID] command. Online Admins You can check all the online admins with the /admins command. Top (Online) Killers/Players You can check the top 4 online players with the highest kills using the /topkillers command. Player Animations You can see and use all the player animations with the /anims command. VIP System You can buy and become a VIP player of the server. As a VIP, you gain access to many cool and extra features which are not provided to the normal players. You can find the full information regarding the VIP system on this page. You can also use the /vip command in-game to see the information regarding the VIP system. To check all the online VIPs, use the /vips command. Help Menu Use the /help command to open the in-game Help menu. Leaderboard Use the /leaderboard or /topteams command to see the top team, top player, richest player, most respected player, and the most active player of the server of all time. Specific Team Players Use the /players command to see all the teams and the amount of players in each team. You can also use the /team command to check all the current gangs/teams available in the server. Own Team Players To check all the team members of your own gang, use the /team command. Radio You can use a personal Radio to play a song from the list. With it, you can also play your own custom songs from a website link. Use the /radio command to open the Radio menu. You can turn off the Radio by using the /stopradio command. Respect System You can receive and give respect to other players. The Respects have no special purpose at the moment. To give someone a respect, use the /resepct [Player ID] command. You can check the current amount of Respects you have with the /respects command. Lottery System At any random time, an admin may start a Lottery event, with a specific reward (usually Credits), where players can pick any number (within a limited range, such as 1-30) to enter in a random draw. At the end of Lottery, a random player is picked by the system to win the reward. Account You can change your in-game password and Email Address with the help of /changepass and /addemail commands respectively. To check your Account/Strict Warnings, use the /mywarns command. Use the /savestats command to save your current in-game stats. To change your in-game language, use the /language or /idioma command. Private Messages (PM) System To send someone a Private Message (PM), use the /pm [Player ID] command. You can block someone from sending you PMs with the /ignore command. To block everyone from sending you PMs, use the /nopm command. This Wiki is valid and updated as of the Server Version 16.9.3. Last Updated: 10/10/2018
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    Every staff member is from now on obliged to create a discord account and join the LSSW discord server. Every staff member should PM me their discord name + hashtag. Invite link: https://discord.gg/MdBk5hj
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    Army life.

    Army life.
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    NOTE: MUST verify Your account email on UCP. Before applying. Unverified accounts apps will be rejected instantly. Involved in making: Ryan, Memphis
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