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    Hi :*

    Hello my brothers, I am back in the streets, love and peace. [BR]Federal. :*
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    Rami. staff apply. IN-Game Nickname: Rami. Hello to all! My name is Juan Pablo Ramirez, Im from Armenia, Colombia About me ummm its hard for me redacting a proper text telling about what person i am....i stude at morning , i work at afternoon (repairing cellphones, some pcs, tvs , stereos, etc, im still learning this by my grandfather) (and that´s why i only play at night) i wanna have my own pc repair business.... thats i am in real life. Why do i want to be a staff? i have a simple reason for i wanna be staff . I play almost always in the early hours of the morning (11pm - 4am more or less) , and in those hours the server (without admins online) is FULL OF CHEATERS, cheaters of all types (sobeit, airbreakers, aimbotters, rapidfire, etc) not just bothering me, also bothering all the players on the server at that moment, which seems very unfair and makes me pissed off ...I already have experience being admin on other servers (mostly spanish ''freeroam/dm/derby/race'' servers) for these reasons I think I have the maturity and experience to have a range of staff in lssw (i already make a UCP reports),for just to make the server a better place, free of cheaters My history in LSSW: my first time playing lssw is in early 2016, at that time, i was new on samp (not in singleplayer), i was a noob spamming m4 in groove gang, lel... well, i stopped playing lssw (because the noob skill that i have in that moment) and i go to other servers... i learned how to play pro in that servers... later in mid 2017 that servers died... i stopped playing samp for months. until december , i come back to play samp in lssw, this time more pro than before, and more experienced too, i started playing with my old empty account with zero score, and ...well...here i am In game stats:https://imgur.com/a/1NCNBcp my UCP Stats:https://imgur.com/a/kJmCrjx My Time Zone: (GMT-5) Thanks For Reading my staff apply[/B
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    Hey There! My name is Marco Antonio and my IG is (ATR)Marcos_Morales, I am 14 years old and im from Baja California in Mexico. Well, the reason i want to be part of the staff team is simple , i play this server from 5-7 hours a day and when it is night a lot of cheaters start appearing and the full server gets mads becuase of the cheaters that ruin their spree and they can't even go outside their HQ because the server is full of s0beit dudes and there are no admins online when i play so i want to be moderator to kick all those cheaters. When this happens i have to leave because there are lack of admins and other people gets bored too because of this. I had never been an admin in any kind of server but it would be good if i can join the staff team. I know sometimes my behaviour its not the better becuase i got angry because of the cheaters, but i can improve it i promise. Goodbye My Stats here:
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    Hi :*

    Welcome back dude, see u ig..
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