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  1. I see you updated your stats. Thats Good
  2. The stats image link is not working for me and you have to mention your in game name. Also did u used a translator?
  3. Whats your username? https://ls-sw.net/recover.php use this link to reset your password.
  4. Faqahat


    Sorry but no.
  5. Damn Roxy, You got fans
  6. Faqahat

    bntezssj App

  7. Faqahat

    App BR

  8. You are using VPN/Proxy to connect which is not allowed. PM me of the problem continues without proxy.
  9. Are you still interested? Please post a stats update.
  10. Faqahat

    App BR

    Make a new Application with new format please , Or just edit this one.
  11. Faqahat

    bntezssj App

    Hey, you havent been around lately + no update on your stats. are you still interested ?
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