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  1. Apply Again When you are back active. Rejected
  2. You are a smart guy, figure it out!
  3. U dont remember ? lol. Think a little. Heres some more.. CatoMato23
  4. This is probably not going to happen, For reasons Souken mentioned above.
  5. That "no seems like a clean guy" was an undercover admin. So by your logic, you strategy to deal with someone who you think is not clean to pm them "Fuck You" ?
  6. https://i.imgur.com/yGY2ke5.png nice.
  7. You havent played since ... 17/07/20
  8. Rejected, You may not apply again.
  9. Rejected, use new format.
  10. Rejected. Use new format, dont copy other's apps.
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