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  1. Your attitude has improved recently, Good luck
  2. Your app hurts my eyes (the colors and design)
  3. Forum account is not same as Game account, If you are joining for the first time and account seems registered, its probably registered by someone else, change your username. If the account is registered by you. https://ls-sw.net/login.php click on Forgot my password on this page.
  4. i like it because barney got raped in it
  5. Take your time buddy, good luck
  6. Community Rules C1. Toxic Behavior, Destructive Criticism. I have many cases regarding this issue. I will try to summarize what it means. This community is not an organization no one here is paid for their contributions towards the community whether it be admins, mods or developers or the management. They don't owe you or anyone else anything. They invest their time and efforts to make this community better voluntarily and out of interest. Acting like we owe you anything trying to think of as workers or slaves of the community, complaining about admins for doing their jobs and misbehaving with anyone is totally unacceptable and we don't have to give you any answers for doing and not doing something . However we are strict about keeping justice between members of this community if you have any complaint you can do it in very respectful way. We do appreciate criticism which is delivered in a respectful manner. We do not tolerate any type of destructive criticism in this community doing so will result in permanent black list. . . . . This thread is not complete yet
  7. i gotta agree with him here.
  8. Hello, All Bans made before 26-05-18 have been purged, however if admins think that anyone who was banned before that date should remain banned, Ban will be reinstated. If you are banned for "Ban Evasion" and your Original Ban was before 26-05-18 you are liable for a chance please contact us at Here. for more information/questions about purge create a thread in Support. Total Purged/Deleted Bans 61,793‬ Note: Purged Bans have also been backed up for record. Regards, Faqahat Developer Los Santos Street Wars
  9. Faqahat


    Hello, Thanks for your suggestion, but you see this would create more problems Vehicle Spam, Lack of Vehicles at Gang bases, However to sole this problem we did add many vehicles around the city, so even if you lose your vehicle , you wont have problem finding another one quick, We appreciate your concern ? Regards, Faqahat
  10. I like your app. Your Friendly. Good Luck ?
  11. Your Good , and friendly admins seem to like you, but you are as other said, its too soon for you. and you need to be a little more active. Good Luck.
  12. Faqahat


    Looks like you are using a proxy or V.P.N ? It is possible that the IP you are using (Proxy) have been used by someone who have been banned before. CLOUDFLARENET - Cloudflare, Inc., * Proxy IPS and VPNs are not allowed
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