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  1. GuNMan

    Some Clips

  2. GuNMan

    Applying for BR

    Pending, I wanna duel with u
  3. -1 -Lack of effort -too new user, just one month playing ?
  4. I agree with Haze I could support if this is for vehicle menu instead of "Personal Vehicle" like would be good add a MENU which VIPs only can spawn any vehicle for credits instead of a Sultan for example: Infernus: 10 Credits Cheetah: 5 Credits. Bullet: 3 Credits.
  5. GuNMan

    My BR Application

    I want to see you more active, Pending at the moment
  6. you are a cool guy, but you're a too new. - You need to Improve your ratio and also skills. -1.
  7. GuNMan

    last fragmovie

    Next video.... This is it my last video xDDD
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