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  1. In your other app you were male and 16 xD https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/7471-denied-br-application/ + your user avatar pic is literally named "pro-gamers-who-are-actually-flaming-hot-girls-640-01_orig.thumb.jpg.de2e2c4c721200f49443f9230177071f.jpg" and you can easily find it on google. 2/10 try harder next time
  2. https://ls-sw.net/login.php
  3. xxplosive

    BR Application

    Welcome. Your trial ends at 27/09.
  4. Nah it's pretty pointless imo and mostly people just ignore it and it spams the chat. -1
  5. Did you try restarting your router or using a different browser?
  6. xxplosive


    I will deny it now, but feel free to apply again after some time passes. I agree that you're otherwise a really nice and friendly person.
  7. You can redefine binds in settings, some people do that. Is the issue still present? @[Training]
  8. xxplosive

    Applying for BR

    You were banned on at least 3 occasions and for a while you were permanently banned for ban evading. Also you are using a invalid application format copied from somewhere else. Denied.
  9. It was wrong ban, I already asked someone to unban you. In the future make a ban appeal in here https://ls-sw.net/login.php (but now its not needed, I'll tell you when you're unbanned)
  10. If someone is stopping you from leaving your HQ you should report them. 13. Spawn killingYou are NOT ALLOWED to spawn-kill the players (that is, constantly/keep killing a player as soon as they left outside from their HQ). About the suggestion itself, I don't agree with it.
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