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  1. replace rockit with a rock
  2. 7. Yes 8. yes 9. Yes 10. Hell nah, just fix /t spam so they would get auto muted and you can /ignore pms 11. Would be fair if it was a vip feature
  3. Since faquhot actually replied, 1) yes 2) yes, 9999 for everything 3) yes 4) yes, there are not that many rules and it would be easy to implement 5) yes, you can ask D0c i'm sure he will do it 6) yes
  4. commenting here so it wouldn't look so sad that no one replied to you
  5. And you didn't get banned for aimbot, you got banned for evading a previous ban.
  6. Post a screenshot of the login screen after you try to log in
  7. Pretty good in case you only pay attention to the background music and not the gameplay
  8. Will give you a chance. Accepted.
  9. Do you think it should or should not stay in the server?
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