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  1. In your other app you were male and 16 xD https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/7471-denied-br-application/ + your user avatar pic is literally named "pro-gamers-who-are-actually-flaming-hot-girls-640-01_orig.thumb.jpg.de2e2c4c721200f49443f9230177071f.jpg" and you can easily find it on google. 2/10 try harder next time
  2. xxplosive

    BR Application

    Welcome. Your trial ends at 27/09.
  3. Nah it's pretty pointless imo and mostly people just ignore it and it spams the chat. -1
  4. Did you try restarting your router or using a different browser?
  5. xxplosive


    I will deny it now, but feel free to apply again after some time passes. I agree that you're otherwise a really nice and friendly person.
  6. You can redefine binds in settings, some people do that. Is the issue still present? @[Training]
  7. xxplosive

    Applying for BR

    You were banned on at least 3 occasions and for a while you were permanently banned for ban evading. Also you are using a invalid application format copied from somewhere else. Denied.
  8. It was wrong ban, I already asked someone to unban you. In the future make a ban appeal in here https://ls-sw.net/login.php (but now its not needed, I'll tell you when you're unbanned)
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