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  1. If you are still interested in getting help, i will leave this thread open so Faqahat or anybody else can help you with this issue.
  2. This is a common issue, just try what Perkys said. Locked
  3. Mail issue seems to be solved. If you are still banned in discord, contact me Skail37#3541. Locked
  4. @fredy is the issue solved?
  5. - You didn't improve your application. - Your skills aren't that good. - About your english, you could improve it as well. -1. Good luck.
  6. Lack of skills. -1
  7. You don't meet any requirement to apply for this clan. Read "/ApplyBR" in-game and feel free to re-apply once you meet the requirements. Application denied
  8. I remember we hanged out a few times and you seem to be friendly and skilled too. Even so, i want to duel you so remind me that when you see me in-game. Also, you could improve your application a little bit more. Pending.
  9. I trust you will be a good addition for the clan. +1
  10. I wouldn't mind if people have the option to apply to make their clans offical, and state some requirements... like a decent amount of active members and a leader known enough in the community. I don't know, i would like to have more official clans in the server. Even though, these "free clans" wouldn't have the same privileges than other clans that have paid to create the clan.
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