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  1. Holaaa samuu, cómo estás querido
  2. Descontrol


    I think same as Space. You are a friendly guy, but you aren't skilled enough. You should work on it and to improve your ratio, it's so low. Also next time try to put more effort at answering the questions. My vote is negative. Good luck.
  3. Muy bien, pero te saltaste un par de cosas. Asegurate de leer este tema primero: https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/5854-read-before-posting-an-application/ y además, la aplicación se hace en la sección de "aplicaciones" (en inglés, por supuesto)
  4. Maybe you haven't been that honest, so i want you to answer this again: Have you got banned from the server before?
  5. If you see me in-game, send me a duel request. Pending at the moment.
  6. Descontrol

    Some Clips

    Sos buenardo amigo
  7. As i haven't been active for a long time, i would like to see a screenshot of your updated in-game stats (/stats).
  8. That's right. The only problem i have seen, is that some people spam the command just for fun. So yes, it wouldn't be a bad idea to block the command to those that spam it.
  9. What does change if they get in the same team? they will keep spawn-killing you anyways, so just report them as xxplosive said. Also, there's no advantage at cross teaming, so i don't support this suggestion.
  10. Why have you cancelled your app for UC?
  11. Your application is good enough and your ratio is good as well. You haven't spent too many hours in-game, but if you are active as you say, it won't be a problem. My vote is positive
  12. I don't know you yet but your application is bad, which is something so important too. You should've put more effort on it. My vote is negative
  13. It's just for fun , so it won't matter if we rape all of them so easy. +1
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