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  1. Application accepted. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 16/2.
  2. Application accepted. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 16/2.
  3. Do you have any alternate account? If so, mention it.
  4. Thanks for applying! please post a screenshot of your in-game stats (/stats).
  5. Descontrol

    wishing well

    nice i think you should try playing at lower sensibility, that might help you when aiming. Download sensfix if you don't have it already.
  6. Descontrol


    I already told you are blacklisted, but you keep annoying me. Locked. Any forums moderator warn him please.
  7. Clips are so old that i wasn't born yet lol
  8. Admin commands are wrongly destributed and need a fix. Trial Moderators are totally useless, they can't nor mute, jail, warn, almost NOTHING. People can cheat, insult, spam and Trial Moderators won't do nothing because they have no power at all, so if they can't use those basic admin commands how can they moderate the server?. If they catch a hacker they have to kick him every single time the hacker tries to log back in. Same as for Moderators, they can use those commands i mentioned above, but still they can do nothing against cheaters. Also regarding staff personnel, i think there should be implemented some changes on it as well. First of all, Trial and official Moderators shouldn't be promoted to General Admins that easy; usually staff members are promoted due to their good activity and well behaviour in-game, which shouldn't be the only reason for them to be promoted, but their experience regarding hacks and other type of situattions admins deal with daily as well. General Admins must be only those that are really experienced and trusted, and not players that are active but can't even catch a player using airbreak properly. If current Moderators aren't experienced enough yet, don't promote them until they improve, usually moderators are promoted to general admin after a few weeks because of the need of admins to deal with hackers so this produces players have to deal with admins that ban them several times because of their poor experience. Now, i will state the changes that i personally believe that must be implemented for the admin system to work way better. Trial Moderators: Ability to Mute, Warn, Jail, Settime, Setweather. Moderators: Ability to Permanent Mute, Ban players using easy hacks to catch (Airbreak, Speed Hack, Fly Hack, etc). General Admins: Ability to Offline-ban, Unban, Deal with offline reports (UCP) Head Admins: Ability to change users in-game nicks, Make server Events, Deal with ban appeals. I'm not aware of all commands admins can use, so probably i forgot some relevant ones but it's ok by now. And please let all +Head Admins deal with Ban Appeals. If there's only one person (Ban Appeal Manager) that takes care of ban appeals and takes all decisions regarding it, there's no democracy. If you want some democracy then assign more people to take decisions like these or at least find a second ban appeal manager lol (i'm not trying to beef the current ban appeal manager, but we all know everybody can make mistakes and it's always good to have someone else to help you to take some decisions)
  9. Descontrol


    You seem not to understand what we say to you, so i have no other choise. Application denied and added to blacklist.
  10. Descontrol

    LSSW Fragmovie #1

    You are improving man, keep it up! nice song btw
  11. Application accepted. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 18/01. I will contact you via Discord.
  12. Application accepted. Welcome to the family! Your trial period ends at 17/01. Contact me via Discord Skail37#3541.
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