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  1. Added two new suggestions (10 and 11).
  2. Added a new suggestion (9).
  3. it's as stupid as no car ram rule, but it would be 3x times easier to enforce.
  4. Hey Teejay, thanks for voting. Hm, i think i's actually possible, as usually there are not so much players in /arena and the ones that team up mostly are the official clans members and if we implement this rule, i think there will be no problem to make them follow it.
  5. Added two new suggestions (7 and 8).
  6. 50% of armour maybe? it would make the fights little bit fair and not that shorts, but vips would still get advantage. Deal I saw many players complaining about it and i get their point, that's why i suggest it.
  7. Ninguna te gusto? Qué sos amigo de Gotze?
  8. Hey there, as ls-sw in general seems to currently be in a good moment (it might be because of quarentine so we don't know how much time it will keep like this), i think it's also a good moment to do some improvements in everything related to it. I'm going to start by making a few suggestions and i will add some more further. 1. Make players in /arena spawn with full armour (it was already suggested but i hope this time it will finally be added). 2. Give more bullets to each weapon in /arena. 3. Disable shop in /arena (If 2nd suggestion is added it won't be needed, also vips can spawn cars into arena and buy weapons like molotovs) 4. Add all rules from this thread to the command /rules (i personally don't agree to punish players for breaking a rule that they don't even know it exist, as most of players don't visit the forums). 5. Make a support channel on Discord (it might be useful to deal with questions and issues more quickly). 6. Forbid players to team up in /arena (arena is supposed to be a DM event, maybe for those that don't want to deal being killed by a squad of 3-4 players and then join this event to fight at equal footing so it makes no sense to let people team up into it). 7. Remove smoke machine from Toy Shop (it's so annoying for the view). 8. Add temporary mute and fix permanent mute. 9. Add anti car ram system back (i have no idea why it was removed, but car ramming is a serious problem and i think it's the only way to solve it). 10. Let level 3+ admins see private messages and team chats (many players insult and spam via pm's a team chats, so i think it's needed). 11. Add settime and setweather commands for normal players. 12. Add more text lines to /apm, it shows just a few words (https://imgur.com/a/8NeH72F) and change the text color to a more visible one and maybe add it a sound like when someone pms you. If any of you want to suggest something, feel free to do so below in the comments and i will add it to the list.
  9. Good to see you interested in joining the staff team, but you can't except to be accepted by making a single application that isn't even well done. I suggest you to take a look at the following topic: https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/6772-staff-application-application-guideline/ in order to get enough information in case you decide to try applying again in the future. My vote is negative. Good luck.
  10. The poll is closed. I want to let it clear that i wanted to vote Yes, but i missclicked so the vote result is 9-7. Thanks to all who voted.
  11. Make a ban appeal on ls-sw.net/dashboard.php
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNvN3LZnPkw&feature=youtu.be
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