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  1. Descontrol

    Outplay :V

  2. +70% of players that daily play on lssw are casual players with bad pc's, you can't expect them to take +1 years of their life to learn c-bug to not to be raped by c-buggers which are 5% of players on the server. So there will never be equal footing on lssw if you expect all players to learn c-bug.
  3. A lot of cbuggers are bad without c-bug and are scared to play at equal footing +1
  4. +1 try to be more active
  5. Update your stats once more please, and then i will vote.
  6. That skin is insane lol, great job.
  7. I will change my vote to pending. You seem to be pretty skilled, and i saw you updated your in-game stats. Try to play some hours more (20 hours total recommended) and to hang out with our members, that will help you a lot in your application.
  8. Pending to duel you.
  9. You're too new to apply. -1
  10. If you are still interested in getting help, i will leave this thread open so Faqahat or anybody else can help you with this issue.
  11. This is a common issue, just try what Perkys said. Locked
  12. Mail issue seems to be solved. If you are still banned in discord, contact me Skail37#3541. Locked
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