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  1. -1 Too new I don't trust you No UCP reports Not ready to be an admin
  2. You aren't in GPB anymore as you were kicked. Request a name change and if u don't know how then read the thread from link above. Try this to recover password: https://ls-sw.net/recover.php
  3. Blacky

    Apply GPB

    Pending at the moment.
  4. I'm not so sure about that but we will see if you were serious.
  5. Even if you are playing here since 2015, I haven't even seen you online at all. I'm pretty sure you just came back from inactivity & applied for admin. -1 Very poor app Lack of trust Not ready to be an admin No reports on UCP
  6. Unbanned due to lack of proofs.
  7. Accepted Welcome to Glen Park Bloods! Remember to follow the rules, your trial period ends on 11/06/2020 Request name change on UCP.
  8. Welcome to Los Santos Street Wars & have fun.
  9. +1 for it being a VIP feature '-' For all players, sorry but no. -1
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