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  1. You used to be a GPB member in past and I would be glad to have you back with us. +1
  2. I think you deserve a chance tbh, I'm sure you will improve with us. +1
  3. If you want skins then buy V.I.P and you can have any skin u want. Sniper on spawn is also V.I.P feature, so I don't think it will change.
  4. Denied All you want is to be in a clan, you don't care which clan is it. You aren't loyal at all plus your behaviour isn't good too (link!) and I don't need such members. Also your BR app was denied few days ago and you thought it would be otherwise here? Nah.
  5. Blacky

    [DENIED] app

    Denied - Too new to the server. - Low ratio (you must have at least 2.15 ratio or more).
  6. Accepted Welcome to Glen Park Bloods! Remember to follow the rules, your trial period ends on 29/08/2020 Request name change on UCP. Note: PM me for invitation to GPB discord.
  7. Your stats Requirements So, you meet them eh? Cool. Accepted as GPB Leader.
  8. Keep your eyes on the sky and your feet on the ground.

    1. Godz1lla


      Okay 😍

  9. Yes, you can enter it but if you shoot then you will be teleported outside.
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