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  1. lindo😘

    1. Like


      jajajaja breaker xiter

  2. [BR]LikeB?

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    2. TazmaniaXD


      Yes and [T]aaz._

    3. Like


      lol, tryin to remember, but theres no memory coming in my mind, fack..

    4. TazmaniaXD


      We always entered / Arena teaming many times with Typhoon
  3. cara, se tu queria desban, ja começou errado provocando através de um post no fórum.. e ter evadido piorou tudo, regras do servidor, evasão é sinônimo de ban permanente por aqui.
  4. Like

    arena gameplay

    nice frags k8!
  5. Welcome back, missed you too, hope you don't leave us again xD
  6. even excluding the proofs against u, as danial said: you evaded your ban when had a active ban appeal, as long as i know the rules, evading bans = permanent bans, so i guess you're a kinda lucky
  7. I didn't saw any overrating, that's good. Anyways, you got my pending from now, see you in game
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