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  1. Is this on lssw or A/D clan wars? If this is a a/d clan war matches on attack-defend server, it wouldn't be a fair one.. BR has a few experienced A/D players....LoL ..... Probably need to do one c-bug / without cbug .. And will it be lagshot / skin? Not to mention not everyone cannot be on during the same time cause of their timezones... I see this tournament as a waste of time. but good luck
  2. This video clip was of a player from lssw that went to 50 cent's live broadcast stream in 2015 and told him to say los santos street wars. Just posting this as a throwback clip for those who didn't know.
  3. KuSH_


    Your method isn't even working lol. seem the site is having trouble
  4. KuSH_


    Doesn't have to be all .mp3 links. You can use this method. Website : https://beemp3s.net 1. Enter the name of your song and click " Search Music" 2. After you searched the song a list will pop up you click " Download/play" button. 3. Choose your action select " MP3 Download " 4. Right click on the Download button and and click " Copy link address" After you copy this link enter the url on the boombox and it will play. The link will be in a format like this ~> https://tjljs.yt-downloader.org/download.php?id=d055641d4f8da33a2ada2a48cd378074&v=Zgmvg-zzctI
  5. KuSH_

    xd sup

    oiii frog
  6. KuSH_

    SoP is back

    who are you tho? And what reason you posting it here? let me guess,for more views?
  7. I believe faqahat is already aware of cloudflare,plus it cost money you know.
  8. KuSH_

    sup my good

    Nice video man but gay ass music. gg
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