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  1. https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/3871-how-to-make-a-ban-appeal/ Lea este tema y haga su apelación de ban, si tiene algún problema para ello hagalosno saber aqui.
  2. Throughout this time I could see the change in you and that is why I think you are ready to be part of us. +1
  3. DeadPooL

    unban appeal

    https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/3871-how-to-make-a-ban-appeal/ Read this topic and go make a ban appeal.
  4. I dont know if give the opportunity to all the Admins lvl 3 but if to the most active in forum/UCP. +1
  5. You can also report those players on UCP (I remember very well that more than one was banned here for that reason)
  6. Currently the abuse protection of that command is active, that is, when you receive damage/shoot you must wait 35 seconds to be able to use the command.
  7. DeadPooL


    https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/3871-how-to-make-a-ban-appeal/ Read this topic and make a ban appeal.
  8. DeadPooL


    Reduce the command to /vh.. +1
  9. Hey dude.. when will you come back.?
  10. Then you has solved your problem?
  11. DeadPooL

    [ACCEPTED] taduu

    •Friendly •Respectful I never saw him have a problem with anyone. +1 Good luck.
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