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  1. 10) hell yeah +1 11) neutral on this.
  2. Pending.. I would like to see some reports on UCP..
  3. DeadPooL


    1) Ehh you can use /bat for remove it. -1 2) yeah why not +1 3) -1
  4. You cant apply to two clans. -1
  5. DeadPooL

    [DENIED] greyfox

    Are you still active.?
  6. -1 the player has been banned.
  7. pending for now I want to see how your ban appeal is going.
  8. The player has been banned..
  9. Idk about you bro... but pending for now...
  10. First of all: you could make a little more effort in your application since it is not attractive. 2nd: why you were banned on the server? They were fair bans..? 3rd: you must make reports in UCP to see your capacity. Pending for now.
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