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  1. Hi , I don't know you, apparently you're friendly. but I don't know anything about you, I want to see your behavior and your skills. find me iG Pending for now.
  2. [BR]Ale_.

    just some frags :)

    nice, good video bro
  3. hey bro. It is sad to see you leave a game where we used to spend hours playing. long time . but the important thing for now is your studies .... I wish you the best in your studies and your Real life. see you soon bro. I hope to see you soon...
  4. hey bruno, My vote will be +1 you have improved your skills, and there is nothing wrong with your behavior, luck bro .. find me IG I want duels ...
  5. Remove the unlock of Fps . No this allowed here .. (Nice video)
  6. [BR]Ale_.


    Nice Man!
  7. [BR]Ale_.


  8. [BR]Ale_.


    Pending for now
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