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  1. [BR]Ale_.

    UrukHaiX app

    hey, I like to see you apply, you are a good player, you are skillful, and you are respectful, you are active, it will give you the +1 luck bro. good video for sure since I have returned to my activity I have seen you a lot online Keep it up
  2. [BR]Ale_.

    skyreed'BR app

    pending for now, you are kind and skillful but I do not like your application, fix it.
  3. [BR]Ale_.

    BR Application!

    pending for now, I have not seen you on the server, I want to know you a little more and I want to observe your skills
  4. You do not why have to worry, I think you are already inside as it is not the same as before, before pasting your translation, improve it.
  5. Any new community would say this, they used to read all the applications even with details, you don't know anything about this, you are new to me. do not take it personally
  6. I don't like his app at all, I know he is a very skillful player, it doesn't matter if he will be the only -1 of the other teammates, but I prefer to continue to have the tradition we used to have when we requested this one. clan, I see that you want to be one more player with the label of [BR] that before was very difficult to have, it was very difficult to enter this clan. But I see that no matter how the requests are made, they are now accepting anyone. good luck,,,
  7. I don't know you at all, nor have I seen your GI on the server, pending for now, I want to see your behavior and abilities...
  8. Find me ig and send me duels, I want to see your skills and behavior, pending for now...
  9. Hello, it is good to see that you are applying here, I see that it is very active on the server and I have seen your reports arrive. I think you would do a good job with us, you are friendly and I see that you help the other new players, your application does not surprise me, but I see that this does not matter now as before ... I will give you the +1 Don't disappoint me, good lucky bro...
  10. [BR]Ale_.

    [DENIED] BR Apply

    I do not trust you, I have not seen you on the server, good luck next time -1
  11. -1 Sorry friend, I haven't seen your activity at the UCP.
  12. I really do not know anything about you, I have not seen reports in the UCP I want to see your knowledge. Pending for now
  13. I have seen a little of you, you are too toxic, and this application is terrible, -1
  14. You have my +1, I see that you are doing your best to enter the team. with in time you will learn more, luck, don't disappoint me
  15. I do not trust you so much, I have seen that you are toxic sometimes with the players, I have not seen your reports in ucp, I want to know more about you, pending for now...
  16. I want to observe your skills and your behavior, find me IG pending...
  17. why not, you have +1 from me. do not disappoint me
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