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  1. Good luck with your life. Was good to have you at GPB . You are always welcome here.
  2. Please make a ban appeal here. https://ls-sw.net/login.php
  3. We already have it . Closed & Moved.
  4. Barney

    Some Clips

    Lovely clips
  5. Warn has been removed.
  6. You are staying banned forever. Closed.
  7. Can't help you since I can't understand this language.
  8. What's the different then between lvl3 and lvl4+ ? We all got lifes , we can't check everything and be online 24/7 . I'm not supporting this idea .
  9. Personal car also can't get spawned by the owner as far I remember from past. It's not like the VIP feature. It's just a car like others which you can edit however you want and own it.
  10. Tell me that you will come back..
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