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  1. Congratulations! You have been accepted to our family. Please make a name request via Dashboard. Your trial period ends at 27/02/2021 Locked and Moved.
  2. You have been accepted to our family. Congratulations! Well deserved. Please make a name request at UCP. You trial end at 27/02/2021 .
  3. Barney


    We love girls!
  4. Nice , where have you been
  5. Application Denied. You are free to apply for our family again in 1month.
  6. Barney

    lssw fragmovie

    Nice one bro
  7. We already planning to do some changes on damages.
  8. I liked when you killed me ..
  9. Barney

    wishing well

    You are improving a lot, so happy to see that. Nice one!
  10. Barney

    samp 2k20 fragmovie

    7Hours editing for that? Bruh
  11. Denied. You are free to apply after 1month.
  12. Barney

    Duel Tournament .

    Don't forget to sign up ! Go at LSSW Discord and then #duel-tournament to read everything about that!
  13. Barney

    Duel Tournament .

    Think you have what it takes? Want to prove that you’re the best there is? LS-SW will be hosting an official dual-tournament with worthwhile rewards! Make sure to visit LSSW Discord and search for #duel-tournament challenge https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/6945-social-media-platforms/ If you want any help regarding the event ,Discord IDs are the following: [BR]Uruk - pesko#0001, [GPB]Barney - Legendary#0338 , feel free to message us !
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