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  1. Warn has been removed.
  2. You are staying banned forever. Closed.
  3. Can't help you since I can't understand this language.
  4. What's the different then between lvl3 and lvl4+ ? We all got lifes , we can't check everything and be online 24/7 . I'm not supporting this idea .
  5. Personal car also can't get spawned by the owner as far I remember from past. It's not like the VIP feature. It's just a car like others which you can edit however you want and own it.
  6. Tell me that you will come back..
  7. Really liked them
  8. Barney


    No - 1 There are so many cars at the map. You can just run and get one into seconds.
  9. I've seen you before and you look interesting. Meet me ig.
  10. You've been active a lot nowaday and hope it stay like this . I will be very strict with your activity. +1
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