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  1. Denied. Re apply in 1 month and use the proper format next time.
  2. Denied. No need to say much . Don't ask for votes next time.
  3. Just make a arena for non cbuggers.
  4. You just came, play some months and apply again. Denied.
  5. I'm sorry but you got too many negative votes. Denied.
  6. Get some trust first with members and play with them and then feel free to apply again. Good luck with your life.
  7. Fix your stats and apply again. Take a look at /applygpb too. Denied.
  8. You seem like a nice kid with problems with your behaviour but for real who cares, you are only 15 years old it's totally normal. But , unfortunately I can't accept you your skills are not good enough to be one of us. Denied.
  9. Lmao he is right first time I see this
  10. Improve your skills and your behaviour and don't ask if you can join our clan and try again in 2 weeks. Denied.
  11. I can't trust you yet so I can let you join GPB. Try again in 2 weeks. Denied.
  12. You were close I can say
  13. Application Denied. - Not trusted enough - Too many -1 votes You are allowed to apply again in 2 weeks. Locked and Moved.
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