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  1. Said


    Reduce the time 5 minutes is really too much and double the rewards and you should get rewards aswell when you successfully defend your turf
  2. After 5 years on the east coast.. it was time to go home
  3. Said

    Concept Nothing

    Nice mods *.*
  4. Kenny

    Yooo Said whats good man! Nope I am sadly not playing anymore, just jumping in sometimes to check out and stuff like that. How you doin?

  5. 1. Unlimited Stamina I can't see any reason why someone would be against unlimited Stamina. I always fight in streets and when i cant sprint anymore i know already its over and i'm dead. 2. Lower the health of Armoured vehicles Yes i know all aztecas and Vagos will downvote me for that but cant you Lower the health for like 4k or 5k but the tires dont get damage? 3. Change Ballas Spawn I think the best ballas spawn you can get is in Turf ID 14 (the place where CJ says ah shit here we go again) the reason is me and many others dont like the current Ballas spawn the server owner changed the Ballas spawn because Ballas only fight against groves now it didnt change anything if you change it to Turf ID 14 Ballas can start to fight against Vagos and Groves. 4. Health Pickups in Arena I think that would be nice if there would be maybe like a hearth pickup and armour pickup if you are VIP you get 100 HP and if you are non VIP you get 50% (The same way for Armour ofc) But you can pick it up only once till you died and it isn't always in the same place but random. That would be a possibility to get Health After you already bought in Shop
  6. Said

    Time Suggestion

    +1 and the weather too
  7. +1 i agree with you so much
  8. ShopenZ are you still around here babe
  9. Why are you even suggesting that even if you would get hundreds of +1's faqahat would take years to script that shit but you have my Support +1
  10. BIG +1 even tho i dont even play it anymore
  11. Ahahaha i was trying to find myself in the video welcome back ! And yes ballas base was waaay better in idlewood... i miss it
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