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  1. You are a player of good behavior and old here too, you deserve this opportunity. +1 good luck.
  2. Haze and I will be thinking about this app, that app will be pending for now. The decision will be made soon.
  3. Waiting for more votes.
  4. Denied, you know the reasons.
  5. In my opinion I think if this is removed, there should be something new to replace this feature.
  6. Post a photo with your updated stats, waiting for more votes.
  7. I think your application is a little short, you should put more effort into it ... Anyway, I will wait for some reports from you at the UCP, pending at the moment.
  8. -1. the reasons were mentioned above.
  9. Welcome. Your trial ends at 03/02.
  10. What is your time zone? and when is it available for duels?
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