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  1. Welcome. Your trial ends at 06/12.
  2. Post a photo of your updated stats.
  3. I know you, I know you're a friendly dude, but you need to improve your RATIO, I want to duel with you. Pending.
  4. Welcome. Your trial ends at 03/11.
  5. Dorit00z

    BR Application

    I have heard good things about you, you are skilled and also have mature behavior, +1 from me. Good luck.
  6. Dorit00z

    BR Application

    I never saw you, don't you remember why you were banned earlier? when you see me in the game send me a duel, I also want to check your behavior. Pending!
  7. I don't trust you, too young to apply to our clan, you also seem not to be interested. Denied.
  8. Dorit00z


    More votes..
  9. Dorit00z


    Pending, I want to observe your activity.
  10. saudades irmao❤️

    1. Dorit00z


      saudades meu amor ❤️ quando vai voltar para nós jogar juntos novamente? 

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