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  1. Welcome. Your trial ends at 03/02.
  2. What is your time zone? and when is it available for duels?
  3. Waiting for more votes.
  4. You should have read the requirements and rules before applying. Denied.
  5. Dorit00z


    Hello if you wish to apply to our clan, read the rules and fill out the form below correctly. https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/5854-read-before-posting-an-application/
  6. changing from -1 to pending.
  7. I talked to some members about you, it seems you have good behavior, great skills. +1, don't disappoint me.
  8. You're not applying us because you like our clan, you just want to be part of one, I don't want members like that here. -1
  9. Hello Soph, I think I've seen you in the game, your skills are good but that's not enough, I need to know your behavior. Pending at the moment.
  10. Welcome. Your trial ends at 06/12.
  11. Post a photo of your updated stats.
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