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  1. Only members of the administration are allowed to respond on this topic, do not do this again or will be punished.
  2. You're cool and everything, but you need to improve your skills and spend more time with us on the server. Application denied. feel free to apply again in 1 month.
  3. You improved your behavior and several times helped me pick up cheaters, I'll give you a +1 chance, do not disappoint me.
  4. When can you be in the game for duel?
  5. You'll receive a chance. Welcome to the family. Your trial period will end on. 12/07/19
  6. Pending, I want to see your skills and your behavior.
  7. Sounds like fun, a clan tournament once or twice a week. yeeah +1
  8. Good sniper player, I want to observe your behavior and also your activity, pending.
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