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  1. +1 but u should work on your stats!
  2. -1 u got rejected in BR so now u are trying your luck here? u should choose one
  3. @Barney @ChaPu @Taduu well homies i can't login in day cuz ramdhan but i'm able only form 20:00 to 8 pm
  4. Shadoz’s Staff Application Hello Ladies And Gentlemen About Me : Hello, My Real Name is Hamza Werfelli,i'm from Tunisia, 18 Years old i'm very social guy ,ambitious, Motivated and friendly, i've got too many friends, i like haning out, enjoying every moment in life but it's corona now.. i have a lovely girlfriend that i would like to care of,i love Animals,i've got Rottweiler His name is Bruce, i love watching movies series, and i'm a professional kick boxer, i've been training in kick boxing And Now in bodybuilding and i love to create new relationships with people i playa alot of video games i love hanging out with friends, i love spending time with my girlfriend,Football, training in gym and in this server. My Story in LS-SW : Well i start playing SAMP in 2015 in another role play serveurs my friend showed me the best Dm Serveur and it was LS-SW i was newbie playing alone i got banned for evasion didn't understanded as well since i joined here but i fixed everything it was about 4 years so form there i just started to learn more infos about the server systems i tryied hard to joined GPB and i get it and thanks for the chance i hope i was and still good member. My Account : https://imgur.com/a/0vhAD6m // https://imgur.com/a/d79pQzH 3 warns it was a miss understanding since 2017 Reports on website : https://imgur.com/a/HxboSJZ only those old reports because now i report directly in game but i can record as well Do you have good experience in cheats? : Yes As well 99/100 when i report someone in game i know that he hide something Cheats (Aimbot/renko/no-recoil/wallhack /v4/rapide fire /silent aimbot/auto c-bug /fast run/fly/sobeit/teleport/weapons hack) etc.. Hours Per Day : i can spend about 4+ Hours Experience as Administrator: Well to be Honest i wasn't Admin but i was in Team Called Cheater Team in server of role play admins posting their videos and wanna gets votes if we can ban this player or not and our jobs is to explain which are the important moments it was hard when someone is cheating Smoothy like wars montages Why should it I be accepted on the admin team? Well i'm active as well i have a good experience all i need is commande /ban recording 24/7 with High Quality I really wanna be part of the team i will keep the server cleaned form cheaters all the time Discord : ShadozTSA#6441 Other Useful informations : Thank u guys for reading my application i hope i get my chance here to join Staff Team i really i can show off
  5. u are good guy but -1 your profile is low..
  6. Gonna Give u +1 i played with u as well u are friendly Good Luck!
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