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  1. D0c

    Replacing the M4.

    How we should assist none cbuggers fighting cbuggers : 1. Keep the m4 as the spawned weapon. 2. Make AK47 cost low (1 or 2c) while having increased damage compared to the m4 which is mentioned by text in the list (close range, higher damage alternative to m4). 3. Lower spas buy to 2c. 4. Killing BR's/GPB's/UC's gives 2/3/4/5 credits rather than 1. Why do we need these changes and keep the m4? : Cbuggers are dominating the average players. If you replace the m4, thats another decent weapon being swapped for a shitty alternative, giving cbuggers a big buff. If the average player will have to buy m4 all the time, they will have no credits left at all since they dont kill 20 people per life like you do, hell most of them kill once per 2 lives.
  2. As a former admin I Support this application.
  3. Why not have weekly A/D matches?
  4. You are literally the biggest weeb here wdym?
  5. You aren't the first to suggest it anyway. I suggested most of the stuff written here back when lssw was updated to v16. Thats like 3 years ago.
  6. Cbug is not a requirement to become an admin. We had admins who entered the admin team without knowing cbug.
  7. Whats your take on this then? Any reasons you'd deny this?
  8. But the leader isn't one person, its the player with the highest score in the gang who is over 1000, ensuring that there will be a leader at least half of the time... Even if said leader does not use the system I mentioned, there are still 4 other players who have the highest score after the leader and each other who can suggest a vote on upgrades to the gang. Currently, the server only has turfs as a way to make players play together but thats pretty much it... This system gives some sort of advantage/progression feeling to players and gives them more reasons to try and work together.
  9. That system could work IF more features would be added to it. For example : The highest score person in a team from 1000 and up would be its leader. He able to purchase temporary gang related upgrades (upgrades for the entire gang for a limited time). The 2nd, 3rd, 4rd and 5th who surpass 1000 score are gang bosses and are able to start votes for upgrade purchases, which then the entire gang is able to vote yes or no to the purchase of the upgrade. We will finally have use for gang points, maybe people can donate gangpoints to the purchase of upgrades for the gangs. (Upgrades examples can be : Double credits for 1 hour, Sniper on spawn for 1 hour, full armor instead of half pickup in the base for 1 hour, 2 armored cars instead of 1 for an hour and so on).
  10. Random clip I decided to sparkle up with some meme magic. https://youtu.be/3W-tiVd6Z_g
  11. -1 Though maybe on armored car deagle should be disabled but spas not.
  12. " My knowledge about cheats and hacks on samp helps me enough to deal with many type of cheats, lemme mentions some of them... mmm let's say health/armor hacks, weapons hack, aimbot hack, rapid-fire hack, weapons hack, locked ammo hack, no reload hack, fake kill hack, bot spawner, teleport hack, speed hack/airbreak, and the most annoying one troll hack that makes a mess for many players at same time " I know I am not an active member but that line about health hacks is giving me vibes about you not being active in game, especially since its been like 3 years since health hacks were blocked by ul slice's weapon config which is installed on the server. I remember back when I was starting to learn cbug in BR you would also think I was cheating, back when I could maybe shoot 1 bullet every 2 seconds. But anyway that was a long time ago so I can't accuratly say what your knowledge is today as its been years. I am not going to support or unsupport your app since its been years since our last interaction but I just wanted to point that first point out.
  13. Welcome and congratz. P.s We might just pay you a welcome visit.
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