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  1. Faqahat love us with Oui, that's why My Discort is Shopenz
  2. https://youtu.be/eGbs5RBgqE8
  3. I love you Faqahat always forever . @Kompot, you can call me however you want, Shopenz or Shopov. You have found to yourself a really nice server to play. Here was one of my best years on my life no matter faking my personality and stuff. You can't imagine how young and mature are this people here. This place helped me a lot in personal also, like to learn a little better and improve my English. I am very glad that you managed to find in me something to entertain you and enjoy. Also had a huge number of replays that I failed to record and went down in history. You can aways contact me here like many other members, at the moment I receive email, I can answer as soon as possible on everything you need. Much love ShopenZ I'll make tomorrow discord to see you, other people calling me also there.
  4. Always avaible via PM 24/7. Is connected to my mail box
  5. By the way i already play from nearly month in the server kinda regulary. Just don't use the forum
  6. its death? lol ahaha She is sooo alive
  7. ahaha she actually ugly .. Ill visit you soon, promise you that
  8. Hello there! ? As i promised, i'm here for visit as every year.. My name is Martin aka ShopenZ aka Angel aka daniela aka roxy aka frisco...dont remember more...? What's new around here? Feel free to share anything you want . I hope there are still people with which we know each other
  9. I just cant at the moment...too much stuff to do, but u never know. I always comes back. Glad to see some olds still around, u know we will never forget our past . Much love
  10. Hope to enjoy one of my best moments here Salut you all with all my respect.
  11. I just came to say hi and happy to see u all olds still around Need to buy a level soon, i was thinking about last year.
  12. Heyy what up man, i know many of u olds are still here Ahahaha Anyway glad to see the community still alive . I wont be active that much also so no matter. An idea pops up in my mids by the way for some game, but think to share it next month.
  13. Could u link me via pm, thanks. I didnt found
  14. A fast question and Hi from me, my name is Martin aka ShopenZ aka Angel aka daniela aka roxy.. So the question is, its there still donations for admin levels or not?
  15. Maaan if u dont log even in the server, then something really stinks around u
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