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  1. Good afternoon, I've been without internet for a while and I was not able to connect, and today that I connect I do not have the permanent vip I bought a few months ago, greetings. Nelfus
  2. Does anyone know how long the vip takes? It's 15 days I expect VIP and 25000 credits please. @Joker
  3. Good afternoon, it would be good if this command "/ afk" can be used every 1 minute, since many users are about to kill and abuse this command to avoid their death

    Hello jocker, please the permanent vip, thank you!


  5. Hello and donated for permanent VIP and 25,000 credits. : evidence Translation : "has realizado un pago de £27,00 GBP " Have made a payment £27,00 GBP http://prntscr.com/f852ow My name in the game is "Nelfus"
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