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  1. Well, i don't know you very much since i'm not old player on LS-SW. I just can say as a "top appealer" (xD) that u was doing a great job as Director of Ban Appeals and in administration in general. You gave me a good lesson when i broke the rules here and still keep it in my mind. This is a big loss for the server. Hope you can back someday
  2. Just because one player was banned and unbanned multiple times using sampcac doesn't mean that entire server have to install it. Agree with Souken.
  3. We are rivals, not enemies.
  4. We visited you guys 3 days ago too.
  5. Yeah, everything is fixed now (including following users) Thanks for the support.
  6. Okaay, no problem bro. I understand.... this is a very particular and strange case... Thanks for answering btw.
  7. Your in-game nick: [ATR]Pr0noOb[CE] Issue related with (Forums/UCP/Server): Forums Screenshot(s)/Video(s) (if any): https://i.imgur.com/iEJyqOn.jpg Has this issue ever occurred to you before (If yes, how many times)?: No Brief issue (e.g., "Can't login to the UCP", "In-game password lost", "Stats lost", etc.): Forum account issue. Explanation of the issue (if any): Well, basically my account here is not enabled to do many things, like: Send private messages to other users (as you can see in IMG) Edit/Delete comments Give reputation on topics/comments Follow other users and much more..... I already talked to other people and nobody has this inconvenient, this only affects me. No matter which via i use to connect (own PC, phone, another PC) this still happens. Hope this can be solved. Awaiting for your answer. Have a nice day.
  8. Nice introduction Good Luck & Have Fun!
  9. Yea, is totally annoying. I understand they donate, for me it seems perfect. But it doesn't mean that normal users have to bear it, there must be a limit at least, because even if we don't pay, we are still being users of LS-SW like you. So i understand vip privileges (camouflage, skins, weapons, etc etc) but in this case, i agree with delete seasparrow or at least use it but removing "/repair" as others said. Just my opinion
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