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  1. Godz1lla


    Well, We thought about double rewards system so everyone will be excited to attack/defend turfs. About reducing turfs capture time nah I don't think its good idea since you will be double rewarded as I said above -1.
  2. Godz1lla

    Forum Issue

    Hey there, Wait for managers to give you your role. @Faqahat @Joker
  3. Hey there, You need to make a ban appeal at dashboard please read this topic to know how to make a ban appeal. https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/3871-how-to-make-a-ban-appeal/ Locked.
  4. Actually we thought about another arena but without cbug for who doesn't know how to cbug. But it's -1 from me.
  5. Godz1lla

    [DG]Kol's Videos

    He removed his tree mods no worries
  6. Godz1lla


    Shutup u cant beat meh
  7. Godz1lla


    https://youtu.be/sIuMJf8kD0s Ma new frag is here.
  8. Hey there, You don't have any warnings in your account. Contact me if there is any other issues MadGodz1lla#1430 or pm me via forum.
  9. Godz1lla

    Ban Bug.

    Give me your ig name and your IP address in Pm. Contact me: MadGodz1lla#1430
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