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    U don't need to know more babe ^^

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  1. Pending. >Need to see ur skills >Behavior >Activity
  2. Pending. >Need to see ur skills >Behavior >Activity
  3. Ur app seems good, ur sincere with ur mistakes, thats good bro. Pending for now. Need to see ur skills IG, keep sending stats.
  4. +1 Improve ur ratio. Stay sending stats.
  5. Close this topic @Faqahat.
  6. Do u still active?
  7. -1. I don't trust u.
  8. Whats ur old nick name?
  9. AioroS

    BR Application!

    Never see u IG. -1.
  10. AioroS

    BR Application!

    That was good. Pending.
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