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  1. Santiago.

    BR Application

    Upload this again and what's ur time zone?
  2. Santiago.

    BR Application

    Lmao Pending, I never see u IG, I want to see ur behavior.
  3. Santiago.


    It's clear that u will be not accepted, u need to improve ur skills, changing my vote from +1 to -1, sorry.
  4. Santiago.


    +1 improve ur ratio.
  5. Well, a few days ago I deleted my profile picture, I wanted to put a new, but now I find this error: https://imgur.com/OEZzHgN I think that's because of the new forum update. Taking this advantage of the issue, I want removed 2 warnings, I was kicked by a hacker and the other I get in a vehicle and the system kick me. https://imgur.com/a/qrQIA3V I don't have the screenshot when the vehicle kicked me because I formatted my PC, and this one was recent.
  6. Nice video, but skin changer isn't allowed in LSSW.
  7. Santiago.


    +1.00 at least, i need some duels with u.
  8. Santiago.


    Pending, u need to improve ur ratio, work on that.
  9. Sorry, I don't trust u -1
  10. I had never see u, I need to see ur behavior and skills, pending for now.
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