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  1. What is this cyka, ur leave reason souken or another cheaters? xd
  2. This is not the place to write this bullshit.
  3. https://ls-sw.net/dashboard.php, Then you go to Bans -> Make ban appeal And Wait Admin Answers.
  4. Diak_Winkson Ur Nick Name And You Ban Evade.
  5. I was modifying a damn car, and the server threw me out, 'AirBrake' can remove it warning?
  6. Create ban apply. https://ls-sw.net/banappeals.php
  7. Because Ur Aimbot Dont Work. User Danyel_Svd. is BANNED for silent aim By Mike by [ATR]Brutalmente on 2018-9-21 | 9:26:2pm
  8. I need to play video-open game all the time to catch it.
  9. Yes I waited my ucp reports for 2 weeks accepted. therefore I could not join the staff team. While reports must receive approval. It is cancelled. +1
  10. they usually use it for death evade
  11. afk / back /brb does not work anyway. boundary need. for example, if you do more than 3, it should be automatically blocked for a certain period of time. there are people who abuse it and think they are smart. Should I get continuous video recording.
  12. FBI, rule is Police and Army ally. an ordinary player cannot join the FBI team, we don't have to join the police or the army team, if we're on the FBI team. And if you're on the Police or Army team, you can shoot us, so we can kill you. so there is no such thing as friendly off fire.
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