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  1. ''players shouldn't be able to give damage to others while they are on Spawn-Protection mode'' Agree with this
  2. I think if you add more bullets to the sniper will be a good idea.
  3. Hi! hope you are having a good day.... I'm asking if you can unban this ip if you want an explanation of why? well this is: as you know I hacked using other names etc, using 2 ips: a computer of my work and my computer at home. (I paid my unban and Faqahat pardoned me) so... you already unban 1 ip, could you please unban this? hope you will understand me.
  4. Hi guys, could you please unban my ip addres: since to much accounts are banned with this same ip and I can't play.
  5. that's not a ''last chance''. Any way thanks for answered me, just close this thread, a lot of people got a last chance just by admitting the truth. have a good day. Regards.
  6. Guys, please, I have admitted I hacked using other names (impersonating) :/ give me a second and last opportunity, I have learned my lesson I will not do it again, a long time has passed I just want to play like old times, understand me :/
  7. you're right, that's not an excuse to use hacks and I didn't admit In my ban appeal. but I need a second chance, please, I don't know If I deserve it but at least I said the truth. :/
  8. Since I can't use ''dashboard'' idk why... It's hard to explain it, well... hope admins will read this. @Descontrol @K4i$eR etc. Well, I will just be a honest guy, yeah, I used other nicknames to use hacks, because of your admin's team, they always late to ban the real hackers (at least when I was playing at game) ... so I used hacks to fight hackers. I admit it! I was so deseparate and the only way I saw was that. well... hope you will understand, forgive and unban me :/
  9. +1 I like that suggestion
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