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  1. how did u not get banned
  2. I've seen this in the server I used to play in, It can't be abused to get score but what happened there- the clone would stay for 8 seconds and often people would quit the game without avoiding an actual death but getting their clone killed right before it expires. If it's set to 1-2 seconds then I guess it's fine but tbh sounds like too much work for a rule I myself have seen being broken less than 5 times during my lssw career
  3. Souken.

    BR apply [sheekyboy]

    i wanna see u ig before i give my vote
  4. Souken.

    BR apply [sheekyboy]

    who even reads the apps anyways? lol
  5. yoo, KFCgang? that's partyserver! Are you by any chance [eG]eight? or whats your nick there? Also, BB seems familiar.. sawns off clan?
  6. -1 too low stats
  7. Souken.


    why did you apply at the first place then? and we already have noob members so it aint a problem
  8. Souken.


    I dunno you but you are old BR so +1
  9. Souken.

    frag basica lssw

    Im tellin you dude, shits funny cz he aint even active. No idea how he appears everywhere
  10. 7 minutes for the last year or even more? gl.
  11. pending. post a link to your profile
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