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  1. next time you see a seasparrow try it smartie
  2. some higher lvl admin (agham joker) demote this guy for inactivity xD
  3. remove spas and seasparrow for vips so they learn to play with other weapons other than just holding RMB + LMB or CTRL
  4. Souken.

    Some Duel

    that's what basically happens if you cbug without moving your mouse lol nothing weird
  5. Souken.

    Some Duel

    whats so weird in the last shot lol
  6. I dont find carraming a serious problem tbh but ye if it can be added why not
  7. yeah if you implement it, clan members will shoot each other but some new players will join and team to kill you 2v1 and at first they won't listen cz the rule itself is stupid and then you cant punish them for teaming, what you gonna jail them? Then they are back at it so next is a ban? Would you ban anyone for this? +1 for everything except for -the arena thing -the smoke machine (It's fun to use and annoying for others, maybe ban using it when on car with others or turfing or just add a command where other players can turn it off
  8. if you remove shop then you surely must add armour to arena
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCvRBfzl0v8&feature=youtu.be
  10. I'm clean lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOt5gpcjHNc
  11. nevermind, I found another account with exactly the same coordinates and ASN, you were banned by GPB EmmeT for aimbot. you are staying banned.
  12. Well I just noticed your ASN is the same as one other nick from Romania who is banned. And then I saw you shared the same longitude latitude with some other Romanian who's banned and since it's been 5 years since you played I tought you could easily be ban evading and cheating. But ofc that could be wrong so I wanted you to ban appeal to sort things out. Imma ask some higher lvl admin and you can be unbanned.
  13. pending, haven't seen you a lot ingame. Btw why is your name DamageDZ I've always wondered, you aren't the TeK one right?
  14. Maybe dismiss vips's votes against seasparrow's removal as they will be biased.
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