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  1. I'll make a video showing some weapon bugs you haven't heard of when I hit 100 subs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pcVfHfSpdg
  2. Mayne please UNBAN MY IP I'm newly player in this server why am i banned? I already apply ban appeals but this shows up, Please fix this ASAP I want to play on the server Thanks 🙂



    1. AzeRv2.0_


      When i log this shows up like what the? I'm new in this server then ban date time 2018? Please fix this up 



  3. *bumping it so it appears on recents posts*
  4. [UC]ultrainstinct.'s ADMIN APPLICATION I'll cut the nonsense and keep it simple. ABOUT ME I'm 17, I love running, playing football, going to the gym, playing chess and I like maths.There was one more thing I love but weed kills brain cells so I can't fken remember I'm currently getting ready for a marathon later this month, working and hitting the gym. WHY I WANT TO BECOME AN ADMIN So as to use /ban rather than /q when I come across a hacker. WHY I SHOULD BE GIVEN A CHANCE Because I have the knowledge and by adding one more active player to the admin staff you will reduce the number of hackers. I have never violated any server rule except for being toxic. I've actually /q to avoid getting killed by some hackers a few times but guess that doesn't count xde MY EXPERIENCE I have never been admin on SA:MP and yet I can make the difference between a good player and a cheater. PUNISHMENTS I was banned for toxic behavior on 24/11/2018 REQUIRED INFO -My aka: soukeN. (my old account) -Screenshot of my UCP reports: https://i.imgur.com/dekmN3b.png https://i.imgur.com/kDlC9rv.png They are pretty old yeah, I don't feel like wasting time reporting players on UCP unless they really get on my nerves I just got better things to do, I can make a few uptodate reports if needed but I don't think it would be necessary as you could meet me ingame any time and check my ingame reports. -As for my a.k.as here are some of my accounts(you can also find the stats there): My main acc: https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=[UC]ultrainstinct.&submit= My highest score account: https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=ultrainstinct.&submit= Some other high score accs: https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=soukeN..&submit= https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=soukeN.&submit= https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=tripledinkeedv2&submit= https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username=quitgaming.&submit= -as for my daily activity, I can't tell. I'm gathering money for running shoes and for football shoes so I started work, if I'm not tired I'll go out with friends and then go to bed but if I wanna chill I just play samp so yeah it's pretty random. -discord: popemobile.#6640 (join my discord server by the wae ) https://discord.gg/EEsmgFE I meet all your requirements except for the one stating we should have a clean past.I am very familiar with the server as you can see from my score and am pretty active so I think I'll be a nice contribution to the admin team. Past doesn't matter to me. I live in the present! IF YOU NEED ANY ADDITIONAL INFO OR WANT TO HAVE A SMALL TALK, YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND ME ON DISCORD THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!
  5. the difference iis that by giving lvl3 admins that permission, you'll increase the chance of the ban appeal getting handled sooner because there simply will be x5 more admins who have the ability to check UCP reports??
  6. Souken.

    Report Bug

    edit: nvm didn't see the video. Well delete your cleo folder and it will get back to normal
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