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  1. Souken.

    A few bugs

    sync +1
  2. Souken.


    make it 5 minutes for 6 or more turf attackers 4 minutes for 5 attackers 3 minutes for 4 attackers
  3. Lol Btw second arena means splitting the playercount even more Cbuggers and non cbuggers will want to fight where they have advantage and thats actually a even worse split
  4. Souken.


    nice edit bad aim
  5. It will benefit only cbuggers. Groves players will never get to that point of getting extra armour cz they get instakilled unless they are 90%of the server and team up 20 on a car which means if they get the extra armour its bad for the server. Campers will get low hp but they wont have a vehicle to get to the armor location so theyll have to get one get the armour then go to their base and take the maverick to be able to camp again. Why all that when they can just kill themselves. And save 5min How I will benefit from it(and cbuggers in general) : i kill 30 ppl around grove but am now 40hp I refill hp using the pepsi machine and then drive to the armor spot then drive back and am now 30kills spree and 150hp I kill 19 more people and go take the armour again kill 1 more and i get even more armour now I can just repeat it till 100 spree people who will benefit even more: gob and br guys who snipe grove onfoot and the guys who even use camoflauge for that or gpbs who take the armour car to farm kills spree So this suggestion is not to counter campers but to buff cbuggers lel
  6. how will it stop campers? Encourage them to move to a place to get armour back and go back to camping? What about clan members who will stack as 5 on armour truck go around the city to kill and when they are low refill so they are basically unkillable? What about the new players who don't know about the feature/can't even get to it without being killed? -1
  7. there aren't enough in LS, you want em to add in LV, LS + its a LS based "turf" wars server you are supposed to stay in LS
  8. You made me regret leaving lol Make one for triad's 224 for DIE clan ^_^
  9. yeah lssw in a nutshell
  10. how did u not get banned
  11. I've seen this in the server I used to play in, It can't be abused to get score but what happened there- the clone would stay for 8 seconds and often people would quit the game without avoiding an actual death but getting their clone killed right before it expires. If it's set to 1-2 seconds then I guess it's fine but tbh sounds like too much work for a rule I myself have seen being broken less than 5 times during my lssw career
  12. Souken.

    BR apply [sheekyboy]

    i wanna see u ig before i give my vote
  13. Souken.

    BR apply [sheekyboy]

    who even reads the apps anyways? lol
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