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  1. Describe the error: when I put on infinite ammunition, then I take a report and I stop specifying the player I can not change the weapons is the fist, that only happens if you activate the infinite ammunition How can we reproduce it ?: a adiminstrador buy infinite ammunition, then a player and then stop watching and that's when it happens. I additional
  2. The good thing is that you are not banned, wait for an admin with more rank
  3. I'm taking care of it with this I believe the post, which is what should be set in the mail
  4. So he makes an appeal and they will see what they do?
  5. Fue sin querer apreté la N en vez la M y de spectear con helicóptero es invento tuyo si estoy con helicóptero es por que estoy off duty.
  6. if I put it here because I sent several MP and did not answer
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