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  1. I post in here to say that I won't play SAMP anymore. I'm really tired and burned of this mod... SAMP's active since 2005 and it's amazing, still there are people which play this. I joined on SAMP for first time in 2011 and now in 2018 I'd say... Shit, it is enough. I knew a lot of people from different communities, from the Spanish one especially. I didn't play on LSSW too much, but it was funny anyway. Whatever, see you guys, it was a pleasure to hang out with y'all. soldierz - En3rGy
  2. soldierz

    next level

    I was talking about you're cheating and know you're talking about another server, bullshit. I mean, first you said I invited you and stuff and now this. None of my clanmates are banned there, so don't talk shit to look good in front of your friends. Well, I had better to get the hell outta here before you ass-followers start to quote me saying you're pro.
  3. soldierz

    next level

    I know, his accuracy is always like that because I've seen him IG lately and now watching this, lmao. And no, not talk shit because I know Souken, I have played with him in the past and that's why I'm posting. For the bad words, well, I just like using 'em and I don't pretend hurt anyone. I didn't invite to any clan xd, you lying now. Yes, you always rekting noobs, we already know that. --------- Anyways this isn't the correct place to make an arguement about if someone's cheating and stuff, so we shouldn't put more gasoline on the fire. I put my point of view and I know some admins are agree with me, so when this guy gets ban, you'll remember my name.(?
  4. soldierz

    next level

    It's curious that bullets go to the another player in the same part of the skin exactly and everytime, too they follow the skin with a random cbug, aren't they? Yes, anyone can do that, but this man was very noob before and now he hits all bullets... For sure, he's clean, niggas. Man I don't play SAMP since last week! I can see in the post admins saying that this guy is pro and stuff, well, do nothing. I'm not gonna report him on UCP 'cuz this is obvious.
  5. soldierz

    next level

    What the fuck? You've got a poor cbug and you hit users even while they're moving... at 1:00 your aimming does zoom on the player when he's over the floor... I don't know, but at 1:11 we can see the bullets go to the other players automatically after you were fighting with another one and, at 1:31 as well... Keeping in mind you used to play very bad as fuck pair of months ago. 2:32 the sniper crosshair keeps freeze on the motorbike while it is moving. Maybe I'm wrong, but for me, that's a kind of aimbot, ufff.. Have you got any video playing in the same way, but with some kills without cbug? So, I can see your aimming is not following the users like aimbot does it. @Descontrol Check this out.
  6. soldierz


    Skinchanger. You said you're not using that, but do you know what ''skinchanger'' means? You changed the .dff and .txd of a skin for another one... Although the skin moves like it'd does... SO, that skin's being replaced for another, like a fucking cleo. Remove that shit, pal.
  7. This shit won't be added, you've got my vote though. +1
  8. What's up, showtimex, I didn't know that you play LSSW as well... You got this idea from GX, but btw I am agree.
  9. Why do you move like parkinson? That's what crashes does
  10. As xxxplosive said, the owner never adds something new, but I'm agree anyway. +1
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