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  1. Sorry to post here guys, but this guy is truly a hardworker, active as hell, and i'm sure he will become a good admin tho, don't sleep on him guys, good luck mate
  2. Hey @Joker, I've been thinking a lot about my app this past week and i came to a conclusion... Close it, why ? because in couple of months now, imma be busy once again in college 'n shit, wich means i won't have much time to play... so just close it for now, and perhaps "if it's possible" re-open it next summer if we're alive until then xD
  3. the closing comment on your ban appeal was: Closing Comment [GPB]Athena: 3 months got decreased to 1 , only cause you admitted. Clear your mods , and come clean. You need to explain that to me orelse i'll change my Pending to -1 right away !! P.S: Sorry for spam Guys...
  4. Post SS of your stats Edit your app, it is really hurting my eyes, use some colors dude I barely know you tho, so it's a Pending for now...
  5. Bompton


    Kidd_Toni 1st of all you're really a good person and very friendly and also mature, more mature than my childish butt but to be honest with you, with a score and ratio and playing time like this, i don't think it's a GPB tag worthy tho.. Nothing personnal my friend, but it's a -1 from me too... I guess u've post it a little bit earlier... Try to fix your score and ratio by playing more here, and also killing more n00bs Like those BR members tho xD Good Luck anyways mate, and sorry once again.
  6. My stats are in the app, re-read the app please. 1st of all, i don't think trial moderators can check ucp reports at all, so i don't think that you should talk about that !! And i don't even think that u check my in game reports to so.... And about my activity, whenever i log-in i rarely see you in the server,so let me keep it lowkey on you bro, and btw the proof of my activity is: go ask the other dudes about my activity and we'll see what they'll say about it... So please don't say stuffs that don't exist. I mean u never saw me as an admin here, to say this below: Anyways since you're an admin i respect your opinion, thanks.
  7. Sorry to post here guys but i got something to say, An attitude like this shouldn't only get him denied as a future admin, but it also should get him banned tho, like plenty of former clan members or regular players who got banned for their bad attitude... At the end of the day, it's your decision guys "or admins should i say" !! That's it, sorry for posting here once again.
  8. Poor english ain't really a problem we had lot of GPB members that were bad at english Poor Cbugging skills Poor Aiming But his activity and maturity and behavior deserves a +1 Also the deficit between his kills and deaths is huge, so that proves he's a player that is an absolute winner despite his poor skills So my vote will change from Pending to +1 But you really must work on your cbuggin and aiming skills bro !! Good luck with your app
  9. Bompton


    no we ain't fool
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