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  1. you are active, you help reporting online and offine, i think you deserve a chance , my gei buddy +1
  2. Rami.

    First video

    thats a nice cbug going on there, yee pd: you should use another recorder or consider using a crack of serial for that
  3. Rami.

    Some Duel

    i dont think you are cheating, is funny you think im behind you but whateva
  4. Yea posser is good to se you applying, you are active, you reported in ucp and really helped me reporting cheaters in game, +1
  5. Rami.


    Follow the format please
  6. Yea, you deserve my +1 because you are not just skilled , but also friendly wich is the most important thing for me. +1
  7. Rami.

    [Denied] APP - samuu

    The few times i've saw you i think you're skilled, thats a sick litefoot, but i hope you are friendly as well (i didnt talked to you in game as much) Pending
  8. Edit the application and press "remove formatting"
  9. There's something wrong with the in game stats link, please fix it.
  10. bienveni2 un placer volver a verte jugar.
  11. se, la vida es dura bro, espero los obstaculos que tengas sean superados y puedas volver...
  12. debes hacer tu apelacion en https://ls-sw.net/dashboard.php (inicias sesion con la cuenta baneada y entras a la seccion ''ban appeals'') y preferiblemente redactara en el idioma ingles ya que la mayoria de administradores no hablan español , saludos.
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