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  1. Did you change the server's IP? I can never connect ... or maybe he died?
  2. You are very skilled, but joining the clan is not only being skillful, you must also be respectful, mature, something that you lack a lot. I do not trust you. -1
  3. I do not know you man, pending.
  4. I also want my VIP tag in the forum please administrator
  5. Hello friend, I understand, but I will not disappoint you. Soon they will have reports in the ucp.
  6. My time zone is different from yours, but I hope we'll see each other soon.
  7. Hello friends, well I introduce myself, my name is Dario Bohorquez I am from South America, especially Argentina, my time zone GMT-3 The beginnings in the streets : my first steps on the server was in February 2015, I applied for the official clan [BR] and they accepted me, I consider myself a very old member of the clan, recently I returned from my inactivity, but I returned, to stay. Many players, staff members know me and know that I never use hacks, I never did anything to harm the server, now I've been on the server for 3 years and I was never banned. my dream is to get to the staff: I want to help the staff in my time zone, the hours when I can access the server, they are infected with hackers, they do not blame the staff, they also have life and are human. I would like to help the server with my time zone. They are not always hackers, for example there are toxic users who abuse spam, car ram, evade kill is very annoying. I hope to help in my time zone to the server. What will I do if I become an administrator? Inform the highest-ranking administrator to intercede and give him his due, when the administrators are not connected, I will record them and capture them and publish them in the UCP. Any user who is breaking the rules of the server will record and polish in UCP. /STATS https://imgur.com/a/d9Q9gNu /Mywarns https://imgur.com/a/GvebzLf Goodnight: [BR]DarioB.
  8. he always complains about everything, we have advantages for being VIP members, for something we donated for the server to have advantages, but to remove the marine sparion seriously? This is annoying already. I suppose the next subject of the Lord will be to remove everything from the / vmenu. lmao -1....!!!
  9. Black Revenge* And what's that [CE] shit hahaha <3
  10. I think it's an excellent idea, new commands ... +1
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