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    Dario_Bohorquez got a reaction from Souken. in [DENIED] Souken's [BR] app.   
    You are very skilled, but joining the clan is not only being skillful, you must also be respectful, mature, something that you lack a lot. I do not trust you. -1
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    Dario_Bohorquez got a reaction from Dany in [ACCEPTED] Apply for [BR]   
    I do not know you man, pending.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Faqahat in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    Hello, Thanks for applying. for now we are putting your app in Pending Status. you will hear from us soon. Keep up the activity.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Descontrol in Cya   
    Después de 6 años, yo sigo buscando una razón para seguir jugando a esto. Pero cada vez hay menos comunidades activas y la comunidad en general de SAMP va decayendo más y más. La verdad que sí es difícil seguir en un juego Online que lleva tantos años activo y más aún con su estado actual, la facilidad con la que alguien puede descargarse un hack y arruinarle el Gameplay a los demás, y hasta podría decir la corrupción por parte de ciertas comunidades.
    Bueno, sinceramente te deseo suerte en lo que sea que hagas. Fue un placer conocerte.
    Adiós y nunca vuelvas
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    Dario_Bohorquez got a reaction from Kades42O in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    Hello friends, well I introduce myself, my name is Dario Bohorquez I am from South America, especially Argentina, my time zone GMT-3
    The beginnings in the streets : my first steps on the server was in February 2015, I applied for the official clan [BR] and they accepted me, I consider myself a very old member of the clan, recently I returned from my inactivity, but I returned, to stay. Many players, staff members know me and know that I never use hacks, I never did anything to harm the server, now I've been on the server for 3 years and I was never banned.
    my dream is to get to the staff: I want to help the staff in my time zone, the hours when I can access the server, they are infected with hackers, they do not blame the staff, they also have life and are human. I would like to help the server with my time zone.
    They are not always hackers, for example there are toxic users who abuse spam, car ram, evade kill is very annoying.
    I hope to help in my time zone to the server.
    What will I do if I become an administrator?
    Inform the highest-ranking administrator to intercede and give him his due, when the administrators are not connected, I will record them and capture them and publish them in the UCP. Any user who is breaking the rules of the server will record and polish in UCP.
    Goodnight: [BR]DarioB.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Bapsu in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    He is active enough and speaks english also. 
    Good luck bro. 
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Rami. in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    +1 trusted, active, why no?
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Rami. in [ACCEPTED] Rami´s 2nd GPB apply.   
    Mention your current in-game nick: Mr.Rami
    Mention your AKAs (alternate accounts) if you have any in the server: 
    Post the screenshots of your in-game stats (use /stats command) + your (complete) User Control Panel (UCP) profile page:  https://imgur.com/a/9L1qYAv
    Mention your country: colombia
    Mention your gender: male
    Mention your age: 19
    Mention your native language: spanish
    Apart from the native language, do you understand/speak any other language(s) as well? If so, mention here all: english
    Mention your daily activity (playtime per day) in the server: night, 4 hours or more
    Do you use C-Bug? yes
    Rate yourself (from a scale of 0 to 10) on the following: 
    C-Bug (if you answered yes above): 6/10 
    Deagle: 6/10
    Shotgun: 9/10
    Combat Shotgun: 8/10
    M4 / AK-47: 8/10
    SMG: 6/10
    Sniper: 8/10
    Mention only one weapon at which you are really good at (you will receive a rank/role regarding that weapon if you get accepted in our clan): sniper
    What's your best or longest spree (kill streak) in the server (if available, post a screenshot of that)? : 104 KS
    Speaking: 7/10
    Reading: 9/10
    Writing: 9/10
    Mention the GPB's full form: [G]len [P]ark loods
    Mention the GPB's color: some variation of red? idont really know what exact color is that
    Mention the total number of current GPB members (including leaders, elders, normal members, but excluding trial members): 29
    Mention the total number of current GPB leaders (including co-leaders): 30
    Mention the in-game nick of GPB's leader: [GPB]athena
    Mention the in-game nick of at least any five GPB members you are familiar with: [GPB]Barney, [GPB]ChaPu, [GPB]Deadpool[CE], [GPB]Silent ,[GPB]bompton
    Explain in a few words about the following ranks of the clan:
    1. Duel Tester: the guy/s that duel applicant/ trial ppl for test skills
    2. Recruiter: the guy/s that search for new ppl for be gpb
    3. Getaway Driver: the guy who drive armmoured car when capture turfs / killing
    4. Deagler: ulta fast cbug litefoot profesional player !!
    • Do you completely understand and agree to all of the Server, Forums, and the clan rules? : yes

    • If any (GPB) clan member wants to duel with you in-game, you must agree to do so. Do you agree?: yes 

    • Apart from dueling with a (GPB) clan member, you must (officially) duel with one of the Duel Testers, either [GPB]Barney[nL] or [GPB]K4i$eR to be accepted into the clan. Do you agree?: yes

    • If you are caught violating any of the Server, Forums, or clan rules during or even after the trial period, you might be kicked from the clan (with or without notice). Do you agree? yes

    • You must remain active in the server on a periodic basis. Being inactive for a very long time without any notice (more than 2 weeks) might result in a direct kick from the clan. Do you agree? yes

    • You must give your vote/opinion on every GPB clan application on the Forums or else you might receive a warning/kick from the clan. Do you agree? yes

    • You must have a clean history in the server (that is, no kind of valid/fair bans, System/Strict warnings, strict actions taken against you, violation of any kind of server or Forums rule, etc.) to be accepted into the clan. Do you agree? yes

    Have you ever been banned before here? If so, explain about it here (whether the ban was fair or not, the reason, responsible Admin's in-game nick, when it happened, and link to the ban appeal or its appeal ID): no
    If you are accepted into the clan, what would you like your name to be (with the clan tag; GPB)? [GPB]Mr.Rami 
    Do you have any contact info (Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.)? If so, mention one here (or if you want to keep it private, let us know that and we will ask you in a PM): discord (Rami#3386),  whatsapp too.
    Why do you want to join our clan OR why should we accept you in the clan? Explain in a few sentences. : im active, i have good skill/score , and i have alot of gpb friends here, gpb is a good crew in my opinion.
    Anything else you want to share with us?: now i dont have tags, please dogistyle, i didnt saw you in game for decades, so forget the past and dont judge me in a negative way..... and the other people (few) that ''dont trust me'' and dont said it directly to me, please lets talk about it, dont hide, i know that was people that i dont usually saw in game.
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    Dario_Bohorquez got a reaction from Barney in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    My time zone is different from yours, but I hope we'll see each other soon.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Barney in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    I havent seen you ig for a while cause we got different timezones so idk if I could trust you. But anyway Pending
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to DeadPooL in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    You are a known player here, trustworthy. I need to check their activity in the game and in UCP with some offline reports to see their ability..
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to ChaPu in [REJECTED] | [BR]DarioB. [STAFF APPLICATION]   
    Federal.. ¿Why no? +1 , Trusted , good user , active , mature , 
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    Dario_Bohorquez got a reaction from Santi in [DENIED] James Apply to [BR]   
    +1 Bro.!
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    Dario_Bohorquez got a reaction from [BR]Ale_. in nerf VIP's seasparrow (+why)   
    he always complains about everything, we have advantages for being VIP members, for something we donated for the server to have advantages, but to remove the marine sparion seriously? This is annoying already.
    I suppose the next subject of the Lord will be to remove everything from the / vmenu. lmao
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Briana in I guess I'm back   
    I don't know if anyone cares but I am now back. I hope to play in LSSW with all you guys again. If you don't know me, then it's nice to meet you. I hope I don't be inactive.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Descontrol in Español (Spanish)   
    ¿A alguien le interesa un tema/topic de Soporte para solo jugadores de habla hispana?, o también podría ser un grupo en Facebook (soporte no oficial).
    Si les interesa, me comprometo a hacerlo.
    Aunque no esté activo en el servidor últimamente, me gustaría ayudarlos de forma, ya sea resolviendo problemas con respecto a Bans, Bugs y demás, o dudas sobre al servidor, ya que es posible que a algunos les resulte difícil "expresarse" en inglés a la hora de crear un tema de soporte y luego explicar el problema que estan experimentando.
    Entonces, estoy dispuesto a hacer esto y hacer que la cosa sea un poco más fácil para ustedes.
    Pueden enviarme un Mensaje Privado si quieren proponerme algo interesante sobre este tema.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Descontrol in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
    Application Accepted. Welcome Back.
    As you are an old member, you're going to be a trial member for only two weeks, mostly, to be pending of your activity in-game.
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Kenny in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Bapsu in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Thypon. in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
    Welcum back +1
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Joker in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to AquaLI in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
    1+, I did not have the opportunity to play with you, but maybe it will come
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    Dario_Bohorquez reacted to Bora_ in [ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B   
    old member +1 
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