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  1. I agree with Descontrol -1 for now
  2. No they probably bought it to use it ***Pay 2 WiN***
  3. Https://youtu.be/10tsuDPurX0
  4. Pending for now. I dont know much about you and your knowledge of cheats
  5. SpaceOG

    Tri-Tage [GlowDM]

  6. SpaceOG

    BR Application

    I seen you alot in different server and in this one, nice to see you apply. Pending for now be more active
  7. SpaceOG


    -1 not to be harsh but i dont think your skillful enough to join i think you should work on your cbug, you saying it is a 9/10 is a lie in my opinion, in your video you sent me i would say a 4.5/10 just because you have no control over it. I get you are friendly and good mate but i think BR as a whole should be watching who they recruit like serious BR has downgraded so much over the past year were not even a skillful clan anymore its more of a group then clan, friends of friends. GPB is keeping it more real. Sorry m8
  8. SpaceOG


  9. Even though i can't vote,i still give a positive vote
  10. -1 details are said by Descontrol
  11. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, im not doing it on purpose i been trying to upload some clips of people cheating but everytime i do it says 4-5 hours for a clip thats like 30secs..now some will say to be patient and wait but nah i can do that i use my pc for work and other personal things so im always on it.
  12. Been having Bad Connection lately havent been able to play and if i do my PL goes up to 15.5
  13. So i been trying to make some Ucp reports but my connection has been really bad lately and everytime i try to upload a video to youtube it takes more then 3 hours just to upload so yeah sorry, ill keep trying tho
  14. Talking about me quitting in 2014? Well i Wanted to focus on school at the time and i had other things going on which kept me from playing so i just decided to leave and delete it and i ended up forgeting about it till i saw a video of an old server i use to play in and decided to come back.
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