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  1. Application Rejected. You seem like a nice guy but one of the main requirements is an understandable level of English. It's very hard to understand the way you communicate. Feel free to re-apply when you've practiced English a little bit more. Attempt 1/5.
  2. Application Rejected. You need not re-apply. You do not appear to be fit for the FBI. However, I wish you good luck on possibly applying to another clan. Topic closed.
  3. LtFletcher

    My job

    This is not an application. Please refer to the application form.
  4. Application Rejected. I want to see more of a reason why you want to specifically join the FBI rather another clan and what acceptance would mean to you. Feel free to re-apply at any time. Attempt 1/5
  5. Your application has been Approved due to unanimous support from leadership and a decently understandable application. However, you must still pass your interview via Discord to be accepted. Please contact me when you are prepared for your interview. Your K/D ratio must also improve during your probationary period if you are accepted therefore you must be willing to practice.
  6. Application is Approved. However, please contact myself on Discord for your interview to determine acceptance. Bear in mind you are also under the minimum age requirement, so please be prepared.
  7. Application Approved. Please contact me via discord for your final step into acceptance aka brief interview.
  8. Application Approved. Please respond via discord for your brief interview as your last step into acceptance.
  9. Application denied for now. I believe you can put more effort into it. I asked for a paragraph, not a sentence.
  10. Application Approved. Welcome to the team.
  11. Your application has been Approved. Please Contact me through Discord for your brief interview and make sure you're in the FBI Comms server.
  12. Application Rejected. You have been previously banned from the server. You need not re-apply.
  13. Application Rejected. Did not follow Application format. 1/5 Attempts.
  14. Application Rejected. Not enough information was included while answering questions. Please wait at least two weeks before applying again
  15. All the ideas look absolutely fantastic. I believe this will greatly improve the motivation for teamwork and domination game play within the server.
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