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  1. Simply use the /nopm cmd -1 maybe it could get abused to get some free score?
  2. Updated stats to show im active: https://imgur.com/a/wnrwVvT UCP : https://imgur.com/a/ZtMuLoB
  3. Comentando meses después si son los mejores osi
  4. I forgot to add a screenshot of the reports now its there just remember there are like 15-20 missing 0_0
  5. Im staying up at nights later and player count is very low now due to the dude we all know.
  6. I think its already enough time since i tried applying for this possition for the 1st time, anyways here i go again: INFORMATION ABOUT ME: I'd like to start off talking about myself, because cmon, i think this is the most interesting part about this!. My full name is Marco Antonio Morales Castillo, i live in Mexico i am 16 years old. Im currently studying in High School and i will go to University in 1 year, I am still unsure about what will i do with my life but time will say it. Im a shy person, (but not too much). In my free time i sometimes like to hang out with friends but as i said im a little shy so i dont go with them every time they tell me, sometimes because im lazy, sometimes i dont even know why but meh, im not a fan of sports but anyways i do some exercise in weekends because honestly i dont want to be a fat boi. I tried to learn how to play the piano but honestly i didnt think it is very hard, (at least for me), i would like to learn how to play the guitar mostly because my favorite music is Rock. MY EXPERIENCE IN SA-MP: I first downloaded SA-MP back in 2015, mostly because i had a crappy pc and i couldnt run ''good'' games, i first joined to one of those ''Zombie Survive'' servers and it was quite fun until i think it closed... Then i entered to those Call Of Duty servers which i think they're still active these days. I stopped playing due to some personal issues. I must say here i've never had any chance of being an admin in any server of SA-MP. LSSW INFO: I play here since February / 3/ 2017 and i must say it is the only server that makes me feel comfortable and good, maybe because of the cool players, i really dont know, i dont feel comfortable in a lot of servers, anyways here are my stats and my warns: https://imgur.com/a/MduVzK7 https://imgur.com/a/GHQdElI Now, this is an admin apply so i must be honest and do let you guys know that i was banned in the past, here's the ban appeal for reference: https://ls-sw.net/banappeals.php?appealid=2450 I am aware that its a requirement to have a clean history and past in the server, i used warp hacks, which sounds very stupid now but i personally know that people learn from their mistakes and keep going on, which leads me to the next ''section/question''. WHY SHOULD I GET ACCEPTED / WHY DO I WANT TO BE IN THE ADMIN TEAM? As i said before, i personally know people learn from their mistakes (Only if they're willing to!). I could say i've learned from it and i wouldnt cheat EVER again, its not worth it, thats why i think you could give me a chance to be a part of you guys, im willing to spend my time in the server busting cheaters so that the others can play in peace (Without hackers) in this nice community, which is getting down by hackers every day. Now why do i want to be an admin here? Simple. It might be only me, but i think theres lack of admins here, maybe its because of my timezone (GMT-7). There are periods in which there are no admins and the server gets full of cheaters no joke, I must say im being very active right now because of the situation, but when this ends i can say i will still be very active, im playing everyday 4 - 5 hour. Also i think my knowledge about cheats isnt so bad, i can identify cheats easily, my ping is stable 100-200 i would like to post a screenshot about all of my reports but after you do 50 it gets bugged and the older ones start dissapearing, i might have 65+ reports. https://imgur.com/a/Vm363xq https://imgur.com/a/7t7L3OP
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