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  1. I've based in my friend's votes, you just have to prove why deserve a chance to be one of us, showing us that u are skilled, friendly and will be loyal ofc.. gl
  2. -1, I can't trust in you.
  3. Its been 2 great years in this great comunity, but unfortunately i have to say goodbay cuz real life demands to me many things and it doesnt gimme any chance to enter at sv, also u know that my pc is one of very low quality and recently (1 or 2 months) it has been failing and now it is dead already, (thats why ive shown a much smaller activity than i used to show) also soon i´ll finish my studies at highschool so i have to focus on it. Let me thank to my friends from [GPB] for the great oportunity to be one of yours and all those who without being or stay in a clan/crew also i considered them as my family too. I hope comeback someday. REGARDS.
  4. Welcome dude, read da rules and enjoy ur stay
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