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  3. Hello community LSSW.. About me To start my real name is tadeo but they know me as tadu, I'm a 22 year old boy I'm from Argentina,my mother tongue is spanish I work daily in gastronomy. In my departure time I usually share with my colleagues and friends then I get home to be playing various games, I like football, I'm a fan of techno music. I usually go to electronic music parties where I usually consume and fly, also to hang out I play guitar some notes to relax. I've been playing in the saints for 1 year,I have become friends with several users. who are good people.... Why should it be accepted on the admin team? First of all I am always active,inside the server and in forum. When I connect in my GMT-3 time zone,I always see cheater players doing their thing and annoying. I want to be an administrator to expel cheater players and keep the server clean. Another thing that has bothered me a lot is the famous itdx that always bothers me and sends me to fly and the system gives me a warning, I want to kick it even if the system takes it out, but he always manages to evade the system What will I do if I become an administrator? The first thing I would do is observe to the suspicious players and if possible kick them. Obviously I have to be sure if the player is a cheater some users are apparently clean but they already know this is samp and everyone uses some advantage. Experience To be honest I've never been an administrator. But inside the server and looking at the players, I have learned about the tricks and I think I have that knowledge about the traps. Activity Normally, when I leave work I have my free time to do my things and go out with friends, etc. I also play or other things. English My English is not good, I usually read small texts that I can understand what they tell me, I can write it speak it a little. I know that I have to learn it is necessary for other things not only to be an administrator here, in other places in case of real life it is a good benefit. My Stats : https://ibb.co/Y3RsmgB https://ibb.co/yfWM3qp Discord : Taduu#7328 and merry christmas to all o/
  4. You have to make an appeal in ucp. https://ls-sw.net/dashboard.php
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