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  1. is the new amazing update not loading for me or what?
  2. yeah bruv hope it's worth the two year wait lmao haha
  3. Rare to see an admin with 37 players online with half of them being cheaters, y'all wanna get more than that with this admin activity and lack of updates? Not even worth a try to be honest, some admins might get off their asses but the owner won't..
  4. +1, but I vote to change the "getting hit" sound to another one, so they're different.
  5. Let dreams be dreams, no point of writing suggestions at the moment, as they won't be done, but definitely +1.
  6. TGW

    a nice admin

    I don't know what kind of knowledge you guys are talking about of bypassing SAMP-CAC, you can join this specific server with SAMP-CAC and CLEO installed at the same time, because there is no internal check, like on other servers, and obviously SAMP-CAC isn't even installed as a plugin on this server.
  7. TGW

    a nice admin

    How are you even applying for an administrator position if you think SAMP-CAC is a cheat? Yes, it is possible to use SAMP-CAC and cheat at the same time in this specific server, since there isn't an internal check on the server to check the player's CLEO, like there is in multiple other servers that use SAMP-CAC, but I don't think that's what you implied.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion, it will be proccessed within three to four years, be patient! In all seriousness, I don't see a reason on changing the damage on only one weapon, if there's a change it should be applied to most of them, it would make fights longer but not really impact the "fairness" factor. And I agree with @Rochelle, people just stand (or crouch) in place and shoot, without moving and avoiding bullets, so I don't think it's a problem with the damage, rather a problem with their thinking process.
  9. TGW

    1st Fragmovie, 69

    I would suggest on getting a recording software that doesn't have a watermark as it ruins the video, as well as upgrading the quality since it is unbearable to even watch for two minutes. And I don't see a point in shooting at a wall and importing that into your "frag movie", since it isn't a frag. Anyway, good luck improving.
  10. You rate yourself to be a 9/10, yet you have a negative ratio. Copied application. -1
  11. I don't think the people above even know what you're talking about, but definitely +1, although we both know that no updates are coming soon.
  12. What's the point of splitting these groups even more? The 30% (that you claim) of other players, are split into three other categories - cheaters, M4 sprayers, or regular players that aren't that good at shooting. No point of categorizing that even more in my opinion.
  13. I don't know why you guys are comparing cbug to drivebying with a deagle, they aren't comparable. You need to spend months/years training your shooting/movement to be decent, you need to press 3-5 keys while cbugging, and with drivebying you just get in a car, press H and hold the fire button.
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