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  1. Goodluck with your application tho. But i advise u to improve your application a bit since some questions are wrong awnsered etc. Pending
  2. U were clearly aimbotting rofl, too obvious. But do what Max Payne said.
  3. Habib

    Unban Tobis_Mastro

  4. Are u already banned from the server bro? In case u interesed to getting unbanned, ls-sw.net/banappeal.php
  5. I am totally not allowed to comment here, but i just want to say Good Luck bro. [UC]GrIFFin
  6. Of course not 24/7, agreed. But i had a report what wasnt been processed for 2 weeks. Thats nothing about 24/7 or w/e And why would u not give them the permissions, dont u trust them? They ban ppl ig, so why wouldnt they be able to ban offline, iz kinda the same
  7. Dear management, Here and there I was wondering why Level 3 admins cannot handle UCP Reports. I mean, it's literally the same as banning someone in the server. And also since the person who should handle the UCP reports is reasonably inactive and the ucp reports are not looked up. I've been reporting someone for 2 weeks, and it's still not handeled. Lets go straight to the point, I think it isn't a bad idea to give Level 3 admins the opportunity/permission to handle UCP reports since they are more active and can be compared to banning someone in the game. And why wouldn't you give this to Level 3 admins? The ucp report manager is inactive & and This is how we prevent the many cases that occur: Someone reports a player on UCP. The player is banned in game by an admin. And then your report is rejected because the player has already been banned after you have reported it. Isn't that weird? Prevent cases like this: & Regards, Habib
  8. Habib

    misha meme

    Looks like Pingu
  9. Vips will be angry cz they spend money for it and now everyone can use the feature.. buy vip or beg me -1
  10. Habib


    The Official clans of LS-SW: [BR], [GPB], [UC] and [FBI]. You can apply for the gang/clan in case u want to be a part of it.. But in case u suggest to make a gang and you can choose it if u met the score requirement, then i guess your suggestion will be end negative.
  11. Habib


    'n my opinion it makes the server more attractive because it provided more options for the players. It is better than 1 pathetic arena map, niggas would appreciate if there were multiple choices. I personally would like /arena /arena2 /arena 3 cuz it's way easier. +1
  12. This should be the suggestion yeah +1
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