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  1. dickface

    1. Evan


      rip in peace oui

  2. Shopenz seconde one fo sure. No competition, rest is amateur work
  3. Did you talk about spamming and useless threads ? lol
  4. Then it's gonna be a place full of warnings and bans
  5. It sounds like viking ambient music or old time wars.. When i think about BR's; i think about gentleman gangsters, not really this. Anyways it's fuckin nice intro, be happy to have him in your team and support him ^^ Keep up Homie.
  6. Sorry but there are some truth in what he said... You just should suggest a no c-bug area for them who dont want or cant do it. About these teams far away from action i understand. But some players choose girls team or mafia for example cause they can fight with good FPS in these areas. Also Jay thanks for your suggestions. PS : When LSSW will be available on gta MultiFive that C bug shit wont be a prob anymore jaja
  7. Guys.... he s old player. But still need to be more active sry
  8. You fuckin piss me off with this shit shanus... say what u have to say . Bring ur balls ! SireElites your name sounds familar. You need more time, more activity ... -1 sorry
  9. Pending ( need more activity) I believe in you, good luck
  10. Improve your application and you'll have my vote. Pending for now.
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