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  1. Maybe our times doesn't match but I haven't seen you for a while -1 Any reason?
  2. Am pretty sure we were waiting for FBI to get some members, and I think they got enough to play this fun war or tournament. Before SA-MP dies we should start arranging this
  3. Is it allowed that you just got rejected or get your appeal cancelled from other gang and apply in other gang? Never seen you in-game.Pending
  4. Not ready to join BR. Negative
  5. We got special admins brother. No anti-cheat is required. And simple mods are okay like Weapon skins, and sounds
  6. KuSH what is your point? You are just saying that you guys are weak? Every member of GPB or BR knows C-bug, and as I suggested this in LS-SW its surely going to be skinhit. This to check that who can come at what time so Gangs can get better communication. You just took it wrong I think lol
  7. Hi Guys, I am a member of Black Revenge's Family gang. As you all know there are 4 Official Gangs in the server,if I am not mistaken. Black Revenge Family Glen Park Bloods United Crime Family Federal Bureau of Investigation How much knowledge I got I think an event like this had occurred before. Like a tournament in which official gangs had matches against each other.I am thinking we should arrange another one for popularity,fun,improvement and to get to know about their Gang and their members(relation and activity) We can discuss that how the matches could be arranged but I am thinking that there will be 3 Matches with each gang and if a gang won 2 it will go in ultimate round or penultimate round, and the one losing 2 will maybe face the losing team again to get the position of third or fourth.That is just my point of view(we can discuss for betterment in it. Regards [BR]RiflezZ
  8. Played with you. You are respectable, skilled. But not gonna lie you don't impress me the most. I want to spend more time with you and wait for others response.
  9. Would like to meet you. Tell me some time maybe when we can collaborate.Pending
  10. RiflezZ

    BR app SOUKEN

    We cannot meet. Wanna fix any time?
  11. RiflezZ

    BR app SOUKEN

    Can we meet? This is a pretty good time
  12. I have done these much reports yet. https://imgur.com/ExsZ0mC Just saying the last 2 got rejected because they already got banned.
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