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  1. snoussi


    It is possible to add anti evad for only some players im talking here about (itdxx..) those players can change ip to join again but never can change there mac adress . Itdxx com back i see there is no admins in my zone time and he s really destroying sv and making other players left I think that script to ez (4 without hack beter than 10 and 1 cheat...)
  2. Good luck bro hope to see u playing soon
  3. enum e_REACTION_TEST{ rtQuestion[150], rtAnswer[150]};new const gReactionTest[][e_REACTION_TEST] ={ {"The first one to write '12345' wins 1credit.", "12345"}, {"The first one to write 'Test' wins 1credit.", "Test"}, {"The first one to write weapon id of 'Sniper Rifle' wins 2credit.", "34"}}; Exemple of script
  4. hi i have an idea ... reaction test When you answer correct, you will win 1 credit The test are case sensitive. This means if it asks DEDded you can't type dedded or dedDED. It must be exactly the same. not only writing maybe missions like who die or who kill someone first win or mathematiq
  5. Bonjour je sais pas quoi dire mais je pense c'est le temps c'est le temps a vous dire au revoir et merci à tous ce qui m'ont aidé J'ai eu la chance d'avoir plusieurs amis Habib melly taduu muli kdabra godzila Murphy training hawksnpr alva et plusieurs autres je peux pas écrire tous Je disais aussi désolé à qui pensent que je suis un mauvais personne Merci à Halifax et barney qui m'ont donné la chance de jouer une autre fois dans cette communauté après avoir mis une faute merci les gars J'espère quand je reviens je vous trouve tous 6 ou 8 mois je sais pas combien A plus les meilleurs amis. I Will miss you all Bye bye
  6. +1 but i dont know if old players still playing samp i suggest to unban recent players(unban who evad 2 or 3 time with a simple cheat like aimbot ..)
  7. Time for a dead strong hacker bro
  8. Nice idea yes votekick for who have 5000 or 2000
  9. Like you can see we habe many problems when there are no admin on server. I think this is the best solution for a probalbly dead sv without admins Here it is a simple votekick system that permits to normal players to start a votekick for a player. Ps: i know admins will vote -1 to this + no one can abuse it +if i see admins vote -1 i suggest you to try just 1 moment play without using acount admin and you will see how an a simple player see who hacker in sv +can be removed by admins when there are actif System: •Simple votekick system •/votekick to start a votekick and inserit player's id or nick •Type "Yes" or "No" when a votekick is started to vote. Only 1 vote for player! •Once started, the votekick least for 60 seconds and finally kicking or not kicking the player depending on the result. Half of the server's players need to vote to kick, so if there is 10 people online it will need 5 players. * Players cannot /votekick an admin. * Added a visible countdown, the countdown restarts everytime someone /votes, the end of the countdown means the votekick has failed ** ADMINS COMMANDS ** * An admin command to stop the votekick (/votestop) - A Level 3 ( or higher ) admin can use /endvotekick (REASON), it will end the vote-kick. - A Level 4 ( or higher ) admin can use /setvotekicklimit ( 3 - 10 ) What if somebody abuses?! A level 3+ ( you can change that ) can use /endvotekick (REASON) What if there's already an admin online!!? You can't use /votekick if there's an admin online, a message will show up telling him to /report.
  10. I think takes 14 damge or 12 And remove m4 m5 +1
  11. Ca marche pas dans ce serveur désolé
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