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  1. Kenny

    Yooo Said whats good man! Nope I am sadly not playing anymore, just jumping in sometimes to check out and stuff like that. How you doin?

  2. Hello everyone! Since I see that things are going good for me recent days on studies and also in real life, I am expecting to make an return and play actively again on LSSW. I will start to be active again starting from 13 June (Friday to be exact). So see you soon all in game!
  3. Heya, hope you doing fine - can u tell Faqahat to hit me up on whatsapp?

  4. Not needed at the moment, after all there are other important things which needs to be optimized at this time. -1
  5. Thank you all of you for wishes, lets see how it goes with those things, but like I said real life issues is in the first place, and they need to be handled -cant precise the time when they will be handled since I need to focus more on studies to sort the grades. But lets see, lets see.
  6. Hello everyone and administration team of Los Santos Street Wars! It has been great 5 years for me in this community as its member/staff member/clan member and I am proud of it that I achieve those things. Yeah, I have done some stupid mistakes throughout the years, which let me down in other eyes which was silly. But I didnt give up and tried my best to prove that ''those mistakes'' only made me better and much better as person/player/and even admin. I would like to thank Marwan and Joker for giving me ''high admin knowledge'' which made me as I was an admin today. Also big thanks to Faqahat for giving me despite of the chances for me to play here despite the fact I would have been banned already due to it. We also had funny moments, which I hope you wont forget it and keep it as memory. Also I would like to thank to many others for great, funny, and good times in this server. After all it should be boring, without trolling and having an fun in the server. So in behalf of that, unfortunately, in real life has forced me to ''put away'' gaming for some unknown time. Have to deal with some in real issues, focus more on studies. Once I will have time, I will surely check out forum and visit this community since its the community where I belong to. At last, I am expecting this community to grow and grow and grow in the possible future! Best regards, [BR]Halifax.
  7. Your trial period ends at 10/01/2019. Dont break any rules during this period of time.
  8. Your application seems pretty good, but there is something which slides you down abit in my opinion. To be more exact, its your behaviour, but I believe that you will be mature and control it. I would like to meet you in-game.
  9. Kenny

    [DENIED] Application

    Not enough positive votes from the clan members. Imcomplete application. Application denied. Feel free to reapply in a month.
  10. Awaiting for more votes.
  11. Application seems coppied from [BR]Ale_.[CE] (Source: https://ls-sw.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6898-brapply-of-alejandroddce/). Application denied. Feel free to reapply in an month.
  12. Kenny

    Some duels

    Hey Gunman! Its nice to see that you are still around on SAMP mate, thought you quit. Also, nice frags as always. Halifax aka DeadKnight if you still remember.
  13. Hey, Its good to see you applying. If we talk about your application generally, then it seems abit whack and font colors also not attractive, I could have expected abit better. I know also that you are calm and good guy, but before I will give you a vote from my side - I would like to track and see your activity in-game, reports on UCP (which I honestly havent seen from you). Everything else seems ok with you. PENDING
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