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  1. Going inactive for 2 months? Okay -1
  2. Excellent app Teamed up for some time yesterday and it was fun. Very mature and chill player who has earned a positive vote from me +1
  3. Hey ryder I played with you in minigames as well as mihael. You are a good player with a really good rapid shot So my vote is +1
  4. Hi mihael whatsup I played with you on minigames (jevons here) and you are a great player with cbug (still ez for me) He is an admin on minigames and is a very cool,skillful and calm player. So +1 for me
  5. I noticed Whenever I click a new sector in the forum, it loads with the blink of a white page that is very distracting to my eye. I you fix it Yes this is a serious suggestion
  6. Im Also trying to get better at the cbug... If you spot me ingame members pls duel ?
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