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  1. You never asked me to duel before bro,
  2. As i said in my app, ill be back July and Augest. And now am back
  3. Well the topic is self explanatory, by doing this it will encourage players to buy vip and donate to the server. Also it would be fun to use whatever skin in duels only
  4. Wednesday and Thursday GMT -1
  5. Thanks for voting anyways
  6. Registered like 2 months, but was playing for approximately 1 year under the name Killer but i wasn't registered with that account. Am not so new to this server
  7. _Slay3r


    I know about /dl, but for some players the dl info also affects bad fps for those with low end pc's. It also has alot of information that some players dont pay attention to, but vhealth allows you to easly read your vehicle health and no fps will be affected
  8. _Slay3r


    This is an command as where you have a little vehicle indicator to the top right of your screen just beneath the money count. When a player enters a vehicle it will automatically show 1000.00 health before damage. The amount of times he damages the vehicle will depend on how much longer it will take before the car is completely destroyed or is goong to catch on fire Heres a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/dc7RugJ
  9. Sure, well in the next to weeks(this week and next week) i have some exams so i won't be on till. But ill try to get ingame asap afterwards, also i have played with Rifl3zZ
  10. i cancelled it because of the 1000 kills requirement also i wanted to apply for this clan instead. am sorry mate. really don't know how to change design and color
  11. RiflezZ we did play ingame together ? we were even dueling eachother ? and i told you that i cant cbug when am fighting someone and you said something about "i get cbug shy" and okay Ale, ill be on tonight actually
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