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  1. So you were playing samp since you were 8 years old?
  2. +1, especially the stamina reset
  3. Smoken666

    Wishing Well

    https://youtu.be/H2vmMjAT6y8 Enjoy
  4. Smoken666


    True, we need more admins for the different tinezones +1
  5. Appreciate it Dany
  6. I was ingame yesterday but ok
  7. Thanks dude! Am trying my best, i dont actually have my own pc yet
  8. I dont think you understand what am suggesting. I am not suggesting to permanantly remove the bat from the server. Am suggesting to remove it from being a spawned weapon for all players. So instead of a player spawning with the bat and waiting till they die or respawn again for it to be removed, they can give players a choice. So when a player comes ingame he can do /bat and it will be added to their inventory. Just reversed
  9. So why cant it be the other way around? Like instead of forcing all players to spawn with the bat, they can have a choice to add it or not? So for players who spawn can type /bat and it will be added to there inventory? C'mon its basic.
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