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  1. Yeh it's kinda rusty now xD
  2. cKm42O

    Outplay :V

    Eyy thankss Thanks Well thats all i had on pc since i've deleted 360 that was epic
  3. cKm42O


    Deadshot the Sniperrrrrrrr Keep it up bro, this is amazing one
  4. cKm42O

    Outplay :V

    New frag is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07bAnY5SUfM&feature=youtu.be hope ya'll will enjoy it , even though it's not perfect
  5. Application has been edited and added one more montage!
  6. Got you dany! don't worry working on that!, and no, i'm not even close to skyreed I just know him from server
  7. Edited + added link so you can see the frag movie
  8. Oh, the last one is blocked because of music, some author stuff, i'll check to see if givenchy didn't delete the video he edited for me the same one just with different song
  9. So here we go! IG name : cKm42O Age: 17 Main language: Croatian About me : I'm jung boy who enjoy playing games and doing fun stuff, i've also been in a clan which is called Los Farrapos Sul [LF] on uL dayZ comunity, i've been playing samp since i was 9 When I was 9 i used to play RolePlay but then after 2 years i decided to go for cbug dm and here we go already 5 years of cbug dmg, WHO would say that it could happen, I can be very active, but sometimes I'm really bored of SAMP so i play League of Legends . My discord is cKm42O#5545 even though faqahat already has me on discord!¨ also I am able to talk a bit of german and english perfectly! About my Skills and loved guns! huh this isn't that easy, sometimes i just feel deagle, sometimes just sniper, but i mostly prefer the combination deagle shotgun and deagle sniper deagle : 8/10 sniper: 8/10 cbug: 9/10 (I can cbug very fast and aim good when i'm interested) OK so, I want to become an BR member mostly because I have friends in there, so Descontrol asked me once why didn't I apply for BR and I said "I think I'm still not ready for it" after it everything changed and I think this is my time to shine. BR is Gray colored clan which has alot of skilled members and which is always having fun, also I know that leader of BR is Faqahat Some videos of mine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW0OHjAnuvQ , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQSie3jNws4 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYhkovfA7kY Last video can't be seen in some countries so here is the same exact one with different song and edit :https://youtu.be/hQBA0zzzemM Here is a new fragmovie : https://youtu.be/07bAnY5SUfM Here is screenshot of my in game stats : https://imgur.com/a/4gKhqDb
  10. Hehehh tyyy Heyyy, thanks for doing it and thanks for support
  11. Givenchy had to watch it with vpn too
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