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  1. He is talking about GTM but ok
  2. cKm42O

    skyreed'BR app

    I still can't vote but i'll say GL with application bro, check messenger btw
  3. I'm announcing that i'll play less this days because I started working and I'm working from 11am to 5PM I'll see any way to play server!
  4. Alrighty brother❤❤❤
  5. cKm42O

    Outplay :V

    Thanks pita
  6. Yeh it's kinda rusty now xD
  7. Thanks❤ Ty aeon❤
  8. cKm42O

    Outplay :V

    Eyy thankss Thanks Well thats all i had on pc since i've deleted 360 that was epic
  9. cKm42O


    Deadshot the Sniperrrrrrrr Keep it up bro, this is amazing one
  10. cKm42O

    Outplay :V

    New frag is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07bAnY5SUfM&feature=youtu.be hope ya'll will enjoy it , even though it's not perfect
  11. Application has been edited and added one more montage!
  12. Got you dany! don't worry working on that!, and no, i'm not even close to skyreed I just know him from server
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